OBIAJURU- The god of Rain

Posted on May 28, 2017

It is believed that a person can induce rainfall by using various scientific techniques as seeding of clouds with silver iodide crystals from an airplane. But there is also a practice among the native Americans where a rain maker dances to encourage the deities to bring forth the rain necessary for crops.

In summertime during a drought, for instance the rain maker would dance and sing songs on the planes and the activity was believed by others in the tribe to magically cause clouds to come and bring the life-giving rain. Among the American Indians it is believed that someone can cause rain through various rituals and incantations.

An Ezinihite – Mbaise born teenager Obiajuru claims he can cause rain to fall and can also stop it from falling. In a chat with P.M.EXPRESS, the teenager also known as Ezemuo said he has travelled far and wide in his rain making adventure. He said he can cause rain to fall by simply throwing up sand and saying few words. He claimed to have discovered he had the ability to do so from when he was very small.

According to him, his parents discovered strange things about him as a toddler and took him to a priest. The priest confirmed that he had spiritual gifts and should be guided properly. Obiajuru said it was not strange that he can perform such feat as his grandfather was doing so while alive; so he believed he inherited the gift from him.

‘Ezemuo’ told our correspondent that he makes a living from it. He affirmed there will always be reason for his service as there will always be birthdays, weddings, burial ceremonies, political gatherings, and all manner of events. And so, people who will not want rain to disrupt their events will engage his services.

In some quarters, it is also believed that the likes of Obiajuru can perform such feat only during the rainy seasons. But he explained that rain can be induced and so he can equally do so during the dry seasons. So his services are needed all year round and he makes money enough to sustain him. ‘Ezemuo’ stated he saves from what he is paid and is planning on expanding his business by acquiring a Toyota Sienna or any vehicle in that range to be used as an ambulance; So that people who are planning burial ceremonies can engage his ambulance and also pay him to hold the rain.

Many who spoke to P.M.EXPRESS confirmed he has performed such feat at different events and in different places. And many who doubted the genuineness of his ability had their events disrupted and messed up by heavy rainfall.

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