CCC Prophet Warns Nigerian Govt On Danger Of Neglecting The Poor

Posted on September 20, 2023

As a minister of God, Prophet Dr. Peter O. Dasaolu, shepherd in charge of Celestial Church of Christ (CCC), “Oluwanpase Ibukun Parish”, situated at 12, Ajase Street, off AMJE, Alagbado-Lagos is one of a kind because he is always guided by the spirit of God in whatever he is doing and has the gift to reveal roots of problems and subsequently proffer solutions to them. Before his calling, he had seen the various facets of the vicissitude of man, so when handed with a mandate to carter for the spiritual needs of God’s flock, he knew just what was demanded of him.

In this exclusive interview with Ayodele Oshikokhai, the Olusho outlined his journey from the beginning.

Tell us about yourself and your journey into Celestial Church of Christ (CCC)?

I am superior, Evangelist, Doctor and Prophet Peter O. Dasaolu, Shepard in charge of “Oluwanpase Ibukun Parish” situated at 12, Ajase Street Amje, Alagbado-Lagos

I was born 72 years ago in Abeokuta Ogun State, I was a businessman who deals on Industrial chemicals. I sell raw material for making Nylon and plastic rubber. I owned “Pase Engineering and steel fabrication company” located at 14, Rotimi Obete Ode Street, Surulere.

I became a member of Celestial Church of Christ 51 years ago. soon I went with some members of our then headquarters to Port-Novo (Benin Republic) where in one of our prayer sessions, at Oke Ajase, I saw Papa Oshofa with a cross in his two eyeballs. I suddenly went into trance and began to speak in tongue, God kept telling me to start my own parish and years later, we started this our parish Oluwanpase Ibukun Parish in Ketu and I was the first shepherded and architect of Ketu three, before we moved down to our present place, where God is using me politically and spiritually to give them accurate preaching. People from all walks of life came to me and I pray for them, and they get wonderful results.

Again, many people travelling abroad come to me to lay my hands on their passports and prophesy to them.

The man Dasaolu

Today Prophet P.O. Dasaolu is prominent for his humanitarian facets. He is consulted by people to find solution to their problems. He intercedes on behalf of those who seek spiritual help from God through prayers.

There are many testimonies from people whose problems were solved after consulting with him. There was a case of a woman who was pregnant for two years that was brought to him in his church, where she was eventually delivered of the baby. Before coming to him, the woman had visited numerous spiritualists and had also patronized many clerics as well as traditionalists.

She was earlier being told in the hospital that she had lost the baby in her womb and would therefore need surgical operation to evacuate the dead baby from her womb.

Her plight changed for better when she encountered the man of God. What he did was to commit the mother and the fetus in her womb unto the hands of God and that was it, she had a baby girl to the glory of God.

Beside work of healing, Prophet Dasaolu is also known to be used by God to bless those who are financially down to rise above their bankruptcy.

What is your take on the use of candle and olive oil in the church?

To be frank with you, in the use of articles of faith such as candle, olive oil, water and honey for healing, those items are good but they must be used positively for the benefit of mankind and not for negatively purpose.

There is no human being that cannot be tempted to do evils, but one should remember the last day, the great day of judgement, must be uppermost in our mind before we do evil to people.

Many peoplenow see churches as business ventures. What is your take on this?

Churches of God are no business ventures. Churches are saddled with the task of winning lost souls for the kingdom of God. When many people who are not called by God see how God is blessing or helping us, they too would want to become pastors and prophets, that is why you see the work of God turning to a sort of business in the eyes of people.

Many prophetic ministries are satanic. How do you recognize false prophets from the anointed one?

Look at the time of Elijah in the Bible, there were prophets of Baal and there were prophets of God

A true prophet of God says a word and it comes to pass, while a prophet of Satan guesses. a prophet whose words come to pass is a prophet that is called by God.

What role do you thinks men of God should play to turn Nigeria masses to the way of the Lord?

With the present political situation in the country today, Nigerians needs prayers. What we need here is exemplary leadership by men of God who would shun ostentatious living and embrace the tenants of the teaching of Christ in all honesty. If this is done, many Nigerians would turn to Christ, because the clergy men, prophets and true men of God are good example of the teaching of Jesus Christ.

Any message for the Nigerian leaders?

The reverend Olusho reminds Nigeria government that a lot of things has gone wrong in the country so much that they should wake up to address the challenges before it is too late.

Moreso, he posits that Nigeria enemies are increasing daily and therefore, there is an urgent need for the government to come to the aid of the downtrodden, so that there would not be a situation when the helpless would take up arms against them.

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