Coalition Of Buhari/APC Support Groups Dump Tinubu, Rally Support For Atiku/Okowa Presidency 2023

Posted on February 21, 2023

Comrade Garba Musa Bello, National Coordinator Coalition of Atiku/Okowa Support Groups



With few days to the Nigeria’s presidential election, there are strong indications that noticeable cracks in the ruling party, All Progressive Congress (APC) would affect the fortune of the party in the coming presidential election.

In Abuja on Monday at the Niccon Luxury Hotel, a Coalition of Buhari/APC Support Groups gathered to make their intention know to all Nigerians of their resolved to jettison the party and its presidential candidate, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu in his ambition to succeed incumbent President Muhammadu Buhari.

The coalition is an umbrella name giving to collective groups that worked for the APC enthronement of APC government in 2015 and 2019, and each within the coalition was issued with certificates of recognition by the APC national leadership.

Members of the Support Groups in their thousands publicly burnt the brooms which is the symbol of the APC with the declaration that Nigerians should not allow the hardship brought upon the nation by President Buhari in the last eight years to continue with their votes against APC in the presidential election on 25 February.


Comrade Garba Musa Bello (in white) leading the Coalition to burn the certificates issues to members of the groups by the leadership of the APC during the event in Abuja to dump the party for Atiku/Okowa Presidency 2023


The Founder and National Coordinators of Project 4+4, Buhari Osinbajo 2019, who is also the Chairman of Coalition of Buhari/APC Support Groups, Comrade Garba Musa Bello, said the structures of the Coalition in the 36 states of the federation including Abuja FCT, all the 774 local government areas, wards and polling units, have been collapsed to now serve Atiku/Okowa Presidency 2023 project.

“I want to first apologise to the good people of Nigeria that the Coalition was part of the structures that brought in APC and Buhari in 2015 and 2019. Our thought was that APC and Buhari would bring the desired changes the country needed at that time. We came to realize today that we were wrong judging from the prevailing hardship and pains the people are going through. I must confess, we felt bad and because we are people of conscience, and by this we took a bold decision to right the wrong; a reason we are making this shift to Atiku/Okowa Presidency 2023. This is a ticket that we believe would put Nigeria into its right pedestral,” said Comrade Bello, who hails from Kano.

Comrade Yahaya Majeed, National Publicity Secretary who is also the National Chairman of APC National Youth Assembly


“We supported APC and Buhari with the thinking that they would bring in good lives to the people and the future generations . In the first term of Buhari, it was all sorts of excuses. They begged for the second term which has now turned to nightmare to the entire country. The source of incomes of many Nigerians have been blocked to aggravate the suffering of the people.

Zonal Chairman, South West Tosin Abiola


“What happened at the Niccon Luxury Hotel in Abuja on Monday was the climax of our consultations over time with various stakeholders in the Coalitions and we resolve to join Atiku/Okowa to recover, rescue and redefine Nigeria.

“We are recognised support groups in APC, but by the event of Monday, we have backed out from a failed party and a failed government. We are over 400 groups which have just left APC to its failure. We have metamorphosed into Coalition of Atiku/Okowa Support Groups,” he said.


Comrade Bello disclosed that all resources and logistics put for the event were solely contributed by the coordinators in the Support Groups without any support from the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) and its presidential candidates. This was what we did for APC and Buhari. We are selfless followers and always do things with purpose and commitment. We did this based on our conviction and the fact that Nigeria will be better under Atiku/Okowa government. Buhari’s government disappointed our faith in it,” he said.

Some of the National Executives of the Coalition of Atiku/Okowa Support Groups


While urging Nigerians to go all out and exercise their franchise on Saturday, Comrade Bello called on Nigerians to vote APC out of power because there is nothing to show for the last eight years. APC has no plan for Nigeria and Nigerians. How will you describe the strike that kept the university students out of schools, the doctors strike and a lot of hardships in the land? These tell us that we must stop this mess and tell it to the face of APC and Buhari’s government that enough is enough.

“Let me emphasised for the sake of history that Nigeria does not need a sick president who is suffering from dementia. It would be disastrous if the mistake is made.

“Nigeria doesn’t need a self-centered and selfish president, rather Nigerians need a unifier, a detribaliser. Do you realize that the “Emilokan” slogan can only come from a parochial mind?


“We must rise up to our collective responsibilities and say enough is enough to the APC-led government in Nigeria for the betterment of our children yet unborn.


“The hardship Nigerians presently undergoing as a result of bad leadership and governance which ruined every aspect of our society and the government ultimately end up without a clear plan of action and purpose for the citizens, which has led us to untold hardship due to artificial poverty inflicted on the citizens,” Comrade Bello emphasised.






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