Governor Uzodimma’s Legacies Speak Louder Than Words

Posted on August 6, 2022
When you look away from the baseless negative media stunts from the minority People’s Democratic Party (PDP), you would see clearly the unprecedented achievements of Governor Hope Uzodinma in two years in office. These milestones demonstrate without a doubt the Governor’s unrivalled commitment to serve Imo people. This commitment brings to the fore the fact that Governor Uzodimma’s legacies speak louder than words.
On Tuesday, July 25, the God-sent Governor of Imo State, Distinguished Senator Hope Uzodimma, did the unthinkable. He showed to all that impossibility exists only in the minds of lazy folks and those who do not know God. For decades Imo people lived in anguish of misgovernance as mediocrities, lunatics took over the asylum. In nostalgia, the people talked about the late Mbakwe administration as the golden era of Imo State. God has a way of wiping tears on the faces of his people. So at the appointed time He gave Imo State Distinguished Senator Hope Uzodimma to wipe tears on our faces. Governor Uzodimma has been religiously dutiful at this divine mandate, to the chagrin of the minority PDP. In keeping with his commitment to serve, the Governor on Tuesday flagged off the construction of two more signature roads in the state: the Orlu/Mgbee/Akokwa/Ugah Road and the Owerri/Mbaise/Obowo/ Umuahia Road. The signature road projects are to be handled by a foreign construction giant – Craneburg – already doing great work on Owerri-Orlu and Owerri-Okigwe roads. When you add other road construction projects, flood control projects, 240 healthcare centres, 135km rural roads, amongst others, you would know that Imo has become a huge construction site.
As if that was insufficient, the Governor on Friday fully recovered the Imo Standard Shoe Company Ltd, located along Orlu Road, Owerri. This company was taken over by the Assets Management Corporation of Nigeria (AMCON) because previous governments could not meet the debt obligations to banks, to the tune of N1.6BN. May we remind you that in 2019 “Mallam” Emeka Ihedioha was escorted to the premises of the Company in order for him to see things for himself. But in front of the facility, surrounded by yes men, he nearly lost wit; overcome by the complexity of the issue. In the end he dusted his shoes and bid goodbye to the firm. He did absolutely nothing about it until he was righteously booted out by the Supreme Court. By contrast, upon assumption of office, Governor Hope Uzodimma began the process of recovering the Company. Being a corporate tycoon, he understood what the problem was and knew what to do to recover the Company. Thus on Friday, the Governor recovered the Certificate of Occupancy (CofO) of the Imo Standard Shoe Company Limited from AMCON, having paid in full the Company’s indebtedness.
If you are in doubt about the recovery of the Imo Standard Shoe Company Ltd, here is what the Executive Director of AMCON, Mr. Eberechukwu Uneze, said during a brief ceremony in Abuja on Friday. He explained that the return of the C of O to the Governor indicated that the assets and liabilities of Imo Standard Shoe Company Limited has been returned to the State. Mr. Uneze acknowledged the liquidation of the N1.6 billion indebtedness by the Governor and appreciated him for his commitment and efforts towards recovering the Company. This is the first time in history, that a Nigerian Governor liquidated the indebtedness of a state-owned company with AMCON just to recover the company.
Rightly elated with the successful recovery of the Company, Governor Uzodimma thanked AMCON. He noted that the recovery and revival of the Company would take thousands of Imo youths out of the streets and also help to address the issue of insecurity, adding that recovery is a cardinal policy of his Shared Prosperity Government. The Governor recalled with nostalgia his several negotiations with AMCON that culminated into the settlement of the State’s indebtedness to the Corporation.
Governor Uzodimma understands his mandate thoroughly. That was why he reassured Imo people during the flag-off of the two legacy road projects on the 25th of July, that he has “come to serve” and would want his “achievements to speak for [him]”. He said: “I am highly delighted this afternoon. Charity begins at home. Orlu Zone will be different. Okigwe Zone will be different. Owerri Zone will be different. We put together a development plan for the three major cities in Imo State”.
He added: “I have come to serve because I know I will be a good servant. I have come to develop Imo State because I know I can do it. This road is one of the most strategic, economic stimulation roads [in Imo]. It is an economic road. It is a road that has been abandoned by previous administrations, but it has pleased God that we must do this road to give succour to our people”.
The minority PDP has been full of noise and fury, signifying nothing. They make all kinds of claims about their fruitless, uneventful 7½ months at Government House – wasted months! But not so with the history-making Governor Uzodimma. He said: “I don’t believe in noise making. I don’t waste my time unnecessarily because I operate with economic time. I don’t waste my time. After the race, we shall count the mileage”. He went ahead to reassure Imo people: “We will do our best within the limited resources available to us in Imo State to deploy the money prudently – solving the needs of our people and doing projects that will impact positively on our people.
“There is no room for wastages. There is no room for recklessness. There is no room for extravagance. As a private person there were certain things I did with my personal money. My personal money is governed by my personal rules. But public funds are governed by public rules. So the flexibility to dash out public funds is not very easy. The only way we can benefit is by addressing infrastructure and social services – bringing dividends of democracy to our people, both tangible and intangible. As we make progress, you will see that God has really answered our prayers”.
We believe in the willingness of our Governor and his capacity to turn things around for the people. He has demonstrated this capacity over time and we are pleased with the outcome. We can only return all the glory to God, the giver of all good things. Yes, to God be the glory. God is blessing our homeland.
Hope is working. Imo is winning.

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