Major General Emmanuel Undiandeye: Gathering Intelligence, Countering Terrorism and Restoring Security Confidence 

Posted on June 21, 2024


Major General Emmanuel Undiandeye, the Nigerian Army Chief of Defence Intelligence is not your run-on-the-mill military officer. He lives a very simple abstract life devoid of fanfare and does not love to blow his trumpet himself.

Since his days as a junior officer in the Nigerian Army; Emmanuel has distinguished himself as a fine officer whose future was bright and crystal clear. He remained resilient and focused on his way to the top and didn’t expect a reward for any of his hard work.

Undiandeye, as the Commandant of the Martin Luther Agwai International Leadership and Peacekeeping Centre, Jaji, Kaduna State, and also as a member of the Troop Contributing Countries Working Group for developing the second edition of the United Nations Infantry Battalion Manual (UNIBAM), showed capacity and with his repertoire of knowledge and his dedication to work.

Those who have had an opportunity to work with him have testified to the fact that; he is an angel in human form. He is a non-tribal Nigerian who cares less about your origin. But sees everyone as one and gives everyone under his command equal opportunity. He is always happy to see people under him thrive and soar higher.

The erstwhile boss he worked with confirmed that he is indeed a swizz knife that can function in a multi-dimensional way. Some say he is a quiet but suave man who just wants to do his job and go without accolades but the good work and passion he has put into his job over the years made him singled out among his peers for elevation.

Today, he didn’t just get to his position by fluke but rather by sheer dint of hard work and resilience believing in himself and his creator who rewards diligence and hard work.

Today, the Bedia, Obudu LGA Cross River State-born military man has continued to soar higher in his capacity as Chief of Defence Intelligence. An avid team player; he believes in the ability to collaborate which has made his job easier and also the ability to work from the back seat not looking for any validation.

Furthermore, Major General Undiandeye’s dedication to his role has led to the successful foiling of attacks and the arrest of adversaries threatening the integrity of Nigeria. His strategic use of intelligence, technology, and collaboration with other agencies has resulted in significant advancements in combating insurgency, economic sabotage, and other threats to the nation’s progress.

While many are not aware of his giant strides; the proactive man has been at the forefront of the improvement of Nigeria’s security architecture. What many thought was hard in gathering intelligence; under his watch, he simplified it. Under his watch, the military has recorded high success in reducing insurgency, Oil and Gas theft, economic sabotage, and militancy among other menace standing against the growth of the country.

While many knew Military men to be tough and no-nonsense people, CDI is a very kind human who sees himself as an ordinary servant of the people rather than being a tyrant like many people see some men in uniform. He has openly condemned the conduct of some military officers who openly oppress civilians saying they are supposed to be good ambassadors and they owe their allegiance to the people.

Despite his position; he has never failed to show his milk of kindness to his people. While many will desert their home town when in big positions; he rather committed to several projects that will benefit his hometown.

Major General Undiandeye’s approach to leadership emphasizes collaboration, compassion, and service to the community. He has shown remarkable kindness and generosity by initiating projects aimed at benefiting all sundry, such as renovating schools, and hospitals, and supporting communal development.

His commitment to uplifting humanity and contributing to nation-building reflects a deep sense of responsibility and care for the well-being of others. He was also said to have handed scholarships to brilliant students and supported women in the community by providing basic amenities for communal survival. Those who are close to him have disclosed that he is a man who loathes the sight of people in distress; he is always ready to do everything within his power to bring succor.

His exemplary conduct and emphasis on integrity in the face of adversity set a positive example for others to follow.

In the pursuit of his duties, Major General Undiandeye has remained steadfast in his commitment to professionalism and service to the people. He has consistently advocated for the respect and protection of civilians, illustrating his belief in the essential values of justice, fairness, and compassion.

Despite his simplicity; some are taking it for cowardice but he has maintained composure in the face of provocation. Some of his cynics who didn’t want him to succeed have been sponsoring media campaigns to soil his good reputation using some section of the media. They have resorted to character assassination and casting aspersions on him but despite knowing those behind it; in his love for peace he has extended an olive branch to them to have a change of mind and desist from pulling down a man after God’s heart.

Despite all the campaigns of calumny; he has continued to deliver in his primary assignment and his name soaring like wildfire despite staying out of media cynosure.

Despite facing unwarranted criticism and attempts to tarnish his reputation, he has maintained his dedication to delivering on his responsibilities while displaying admirable resilience and composure.

It is important to recognize and appreciate Major General Undiandeye’s contributions as an unsung hero in the quest to make Nigeria a haven. His unwavering commitment to strengthening security and protecting lives and properties has been invaluable to the nation. His remarkable leadership, integrity, and compassion serve as a source of inspiration and motivation for others to strive for excellence and service to humanity.

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