Nwangele People Commend The Developmental Strides Of High Chief Johnbosco Ozigbu As They Pledge To Follow His Leadership Directions 

Posted on March 17, 2023
Every age and generation produce legendary of personalities; developmental driven individuals opposed to division and communal rivalry. An eclectic and ecentric unsual figures, who in every sense represent the measure, the values and indeed, the essence of that generation and become the icons of that particular age. 
At the turn of times and seasons of life vested in the exclusive knowledge of God; a country, State, Local Government area or community, experiences some special breed of beings who have been marked to carry out specific assignments on their journey through life. These men have emboldened their footprints on the interlock of human history, as they raised disciples, who in turn raised other votarists in a combined effort to make the whole nation more wholesome.
High Chief Johnbosco Ozigbu, PhD (Ogwuaga of Ogwuaga), no doubt is in that league of men with towering personalities. He is phat, strong, solid,  savvy, hated, beloved, an unassailable horsepower, and business maverick that has established his name in road construction, community service and philanthropy.
Anytime one dispassionately talks about development and purpose-driven selfless community service and leadership starting from Abba, since charity begins at home, the entire Nwangele LG and across Imo communities; there are uncommon names that naturally resonate in the minds of average people. And without being guilty of sounding immodest, High Chief Johnbosco Chukwuma Ozigbu (Ogwuaga of Ogwuaga, Ngele of Nwangele) (PhD, PGD, Oxford University, United Kingdom), fits into this big picture. It is not by dragging social space but by proven records of selfless community service delivery without noise or a clap trap.
The Ogwuaga Abba born road construction giant, business maverick,  boardroom political strategist, scholar of international repute, respected community leader and philnatropist, Johnbosco  Ozigbu, PhD, is singlehandedly building a multi-billion Naira Pro-Cathedral Church project for  Christ The King Catholic Church (CKC) in Abba, which this reporter authoritatively gathered will be completed and commissioned by December, 2023, God willing. And all these he has done as a private person, who has the interest of his people and their development at heart and not as an aspiring public office holder or even an elected government functionary with our common patrimony; constituency project funds.
It is this same illustrious son of Abba from Nwangele LGA, Johnbosco Ozigbu (Alaomajijiji of Obowo), that has in recent times built and donated estimated 10 modern befitting 3 bedroom bungalow flats to different  indigent families in Isiala Mbano LGA and Abba without hugging media lens for limelight. His bouyant heart for charity and life of selfless community services is what has endeared him to so many people; as both old and young keep praying God to bless him with longevity, divine direction and protection, as he is already blessed by God.
Apart from the regular unannounced human capital development, financial rescue and related interventions to numerous families, Ogwuaga of Ogwuaga has granted private education scholarships to intelligent but indigent Abba students in different higher institutions of learning in Abia, Imo, Enugu, Rivers, and across Nigeria. Between 2018 to 2020, this iconoclastic leader of men, High Chief Johnbosco Ozigbu, has sent over 10 Abba youths overseas for legitimate source of livelihood and greener pastures.
In terms of road construction spread,  High Chief Johnbosco Ozigbu is playing a prominent role in opening a new vista for urban renewal and development as almost all the communities in Nwangele LGA; starting from Abba, Abajah, Umuozu, Dim na Nume Isu, Amaigbo, etc, have benefited from the road construction project, repairs and maintenance of this goal-getter, Ozigbu,  who keeps attracting laudable projects from the Niger Delta Development Commission, NDDC, a Federal Government interventionist establishment.
In terms of carrying Nwangele stakeholders and leaders along, High Chief Johnbosco Ozigbu, through his NDDC facilitated projects has given sense of belonging to other illustrious sons of the LGA like; Chief Obinna Onuoha from Abajah, Rt. Hon. Amaechi Nwaoha from Amaigbo, Rt. Hon. Ugonna Ozurigbo from Umuozu, Chief Obinna Duruaku from Umuopara Dim village in Dim na Nume Isu; also constructed the road leading to United Isu Progressives’ Union (UIPU)’s ultra modern country club, just to mention but a few.
At the homestead, no single village in the entire four autonomous communities  that made up Abba town has not felt the touch and impact of High Chief Johnbosco Ozigbu’s radical road construction revolution, making a Abba the cynosure of all eyes and envy of other neighbouring towns both in Nwangele LGA and across Nkwerre. Regrettably, a few debased and ungrateful little minds, who could not achieve this feat have resorted to envy and campaign of calumny to whittle down the growing influence, show of  love, organic support and acceptabliity of this illustrious son, Johnbosco Ozigbu, by his people. Through sheer envy and mudslinging side talks, they have started crying foul that all these projects were not done with his money but Federal Government’s funds, yet their forefathers and even fathers during their days could not site an ordinary borehole in their own kindred.
Trusting God that posterity will remember him for good, having meticulously written his name in the sands of time as Nwangele illustrious son, who came, saw, and conquered the hearts of many through time tested remarkable projects. High Chief Johnbosco Ozigbu, has redefined community service and raised the bar so high for exemplary leadership in our contemporary socio-political and traditional discuss. As majority of Nwangele people and reasonable homosapiens have maintained that all he does is for community development and the good of humanity because many, who had same opportunity like him used it for either personal vendetta or vain glory thus, they were not in the good books of the people.
Counting down to the Saturday, 18th March, 2023, Imo State House of Assembly election for Nwangele Constituency, his participation and role in the election will not only shape the mood of opinion polls, but to a reasonable extent dictate the direction of events as Ogwuaga of Ogwuaga has continued to enjoy the love and mutual respect of Nwangele leadership and followership having diligently paid his dues in the development of the most strategic LGA in Imo State; Nwangele.
With reasonable consideration for the reelection bid of Rt. Hon. Amara Chyna Iwuanyanwu, KSC, Msc, High Chief Johnbosco Ozigbu and other respected leaders of Nwangele LGA across party lines after due consultations have agreed to give the state lawmaker another opportunity to consolidate and complete his good programmes, policies and projects just like his predecessors; Rt. Hon. Amaechi Nwaoha and Rt. Hon. Ugonna Ozurigbo (OZB). Today Friday,  God willing, Ogwuaga of Ogwuaga shall be addressing Nwangele youths who have always stood by him beyond partisan politics, but in the spirit of brotherly love between an elder and his younger ones kind of relationship.
For those who care to listen, Nwangele leaders and most electorate across all the communities will align with the choice of High Chief Johnbosco Chukwuma Ozigbu (Ogwuaga of Ogwuaga).
Ka Amarachukwu mezuo na Nwangele 🙏
Njoku Macdonald Obinna,
Media Consultant|Publisher,
4th Estate Reporters 

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