On Education, Gov Soludo Is Super Intentional!

Posted on May 21, 2024

As at today, Gov. Soludo is 26 Months in office. That is two (2) years and two months. I am not sure this reality is well seated in the minds of Analysts who, because of his many developmental strides, have lost touch with the fact that the Professor of Economics is just 2 years in office.


This is a man who defined his journey into governance as “an agenda with a deadline”, clearing off excuses and rolling his sleeves to do the dirtiest of works many never thought was possible, especially for one who was a doyen of the ivory tower and the best Central Bank Governor yet in the history of Nigeria.


It was the late advertising and PR guru, Mr Joe Anatune, who defined Soludo as “the man in a hurry”. This is true going by how he sets unimaginable deadlines, and goes ahead to work out both himself and everyone around to achieving it. One quick win for Soludo that is largely unsung is his recognition and single-minded belief that Anambra’s human capital is her greatest asset.


To tap into this and create a competitive edge for the State in the future, Soludo believes that the biggest task before him and indeed ndi Anambra is to make huge investments into producing a highly resourceful human capital that will be relevant at home and exportable abroad. This is why he declared a state of emergency on ending the era of Schools without Teachers and Hospitals without Doctors.


As at today, exactly 26months later, Gov. Soludo has employed 8,115 highly qualified Teachers, rejiged the learning environment through mainstreaming the use of technology in the pedagogy. He has also employed over 1,000 health workers, comprising Doctors and Nurses across the 326 wards in the State to end the era of hospitals without Doctors and/or Nurses.


This is a feat that is novel in Nigeria’s governance systems amongst sub-nationals. The norm is usually to cut cost by sacking workers Recruited by immediate predecessors at the twilight of their tenures. Of course, it is trite to state that most State Governors only recruit during elections, especially when they are about to leave office. Then those who succeed them layoff these workers as liabilities they are not willing to bear. This is the vicious cycle of human capital degredation known to many, and it is still happening in many States today.


I will give Gov. Soludo his flowers for outstanding leadership in truly affirming that socio-economic development of a Society is the most pristine form of politics upon which political decisions should be hinged.




Mazi Ejimofor Opara writes from Awka, Anambra State. 

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