ONC President General Writes Open Letter To Gov Siminalayi Fubara 

Posted on December 25, 2023
*An Open Letter of Appreciation to Governor Siminalayi Fubara: Pleading for Unity and Progress in Rivers State*
Dear Governor Siminalayi Fubara,
I pen these words as an earnest expression of gratitude for your steadfast commitment to peace and progress in our beloved Rivers State. Your recent address to the people of our state during the 2023 Christmas celebration serves as a beacon of hope and unity in times of turbulence.
Your unwavering dedication to upholding the values of simplicity and humility, mirroring the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ, resonates deeply with the aspirations of every citizen. Your emphasis on selflessness, love, and forgiveness encapsulates the very essence of a harmonious society—a society we all strive to nurture.
Your administration’s mantra of continuity and consolidation reflects a promising path toward delivering the dividends of democracy to our people. Amidst challenges and tribulations, your resolve to steer Rivers State toward progress remains resolute.
I extend heartfelt gratitude for your recognition and acknowledgment of President Asiwaju Bola Tinubu’s efforts in fostering peace within our state. Your acceptance of the Presidential Peace Proclamation and commitment to its implementation are commendable steps toward ensuring stability while safeguarding our collective interests.
It’s evident that the path to peace may face opposition and differing opinions. However, your prudent assessment of the Peace Proclamation’s potential as a catalyst for lasting peace is a testament to your wisdom and dedication to the welfare of our state.
Governor Fubara, your plea for understanding and support from all stakeholders during this delicate period is an appeal for unity and progress. Your emphasis on seeking peace without compromising freedom or endangering the welfare of our people is a beacon guiding us towards a brighter future.
As the President of the Orashi National Congress, I implore all involved parties to heed Governor Fubara’s call for peace. The journey towards progress necessitates collaboration, understanding, and a shared commitment to the betterment of Rivers State.
Let us embrace dialogue and reconciliation, setting aside differences for the collective good. It is only through unity that we can propel our state towards development and prosperity.
Governor Siminalayi Fubara, your leadership during these challenging times serves as an inspiration to us all. Your dedication to service and the pursuit of a peaceful, prosperous Rivers State is truly commendable.
As we usher in the new year, may your vision for a transformed Rivers State come to fruition. May your efforts towards peace and progress yield bountiful fruits for every citizen.
With sincere appreciation and hopeful anticipation for a brighter future.
Snr. Comr. Emeni Ibe 
President General, Orashi National Congress

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