Seven-Up Bottling Company’s Legacy Of Refreshment: How Decade Of Expertise Will Shape Future Of Hydr8 100 And D’Vybe

Posted on November 19, 2023



Seven-Up Bottling Company (SBC) remains one of the largest manufacturing companies in Nigeria, continually impacting the economy and the lives of consumers. Interestingly, SBC is deeply intertwined with Nigeria, as it was birthed alongside the nation’s independence, on October 1, 1960, with the first 7Up bottle hitting the market.

SBC’s shared history and heritage with Nigeria began with that inaugural bottle and the company has celebrated alongside Nigerians at every major milestone in the country’s history. With a commitment to making a lasting impact on the nation and its people, the Seven-Up Bottling Company has consistently created value for the Nigerian market by producing high-quality beverages that have become cherished favourites for the Nigerian populace.

SBC has been responsible for producing and distributing some of the favourite and most-loved soft drink brands, including Pepsi, Mirinda, 7Up, Mountain Dew, H2oH!, Teem, Lipton Ice Tea, and Aquafina premium drinking water.

Throughout its six-decade journey, the company’s mission has been clear: to preserve and evolve its legacy of beverage production excellence and its place in innovation was cemented with the introduction of Supa Komando Energy Drink into the Nigerian market. This commitment to excellence further shines through in the introduction of Hydr8 100 and D’Vybe, two new products that reflect Seven-Up Bottling Company’s dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction.

The creation of Hydr8 100 and D’Vybe effectively addresses the changing needs and preferences of consumers, offering Nigerians yet another exceptional beverage experience. With the launch of these two new products, the bottling company reaffirms its dedication to serving its customers with innovative, high-quality beverages. These drinks not only excite the taste buds but also reflect the diversity and individuality of consumers in Nigeria.

Hydr8 100, a carbonated isotonic drink packed with essential vitamins and electrolytes, is available in three flavours – Strawberry, Pineberry, and Tangy Twist. Meanwhile, D’Vybe, a sweetened carbonated soft drink, invites consumers on a journey of flavour exploration with its two flavours – Chapman and Ginger.

However, Seven-Up Bottling Company’s commitment goes beyond just crafting outstanding beverages. The company strives to ensure that consumers not only savor the taste but also understand the passion and effort invested in each creation. This is evident in the thoughtful marketing and advertising strategies that highlight the unique backstory behind every product.

This can be seen with the tagline for Hydr8 100 which is ‘Keep Your Bounce’, which essentially encourages customers to stay rehydrated, refreshed, and rehydrated, while D’Vybe promises to make “Every Moment a Vybe.” This storytelling approach connects the brand with its consumers on a personal level, fostering a deeper appreciation for the products.

As Seven-Up Bottling Company celebrates six decades of excellence, we eagerly await how the brand will continue to evolve in stride. With a legacy firmly established and a dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction, the future looks bright for Hydr8 100, D’Vybe, and the company’s continued impact on Nigeria’s beverage industry.

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