Soludo’s Economic Trees Planting: A Community-Based Restoration Project

Posted on May 10, 2022


There are several disruptive initiatives for community  restoration, promoting economic rebuilding and connecting the citizens of the state to the limitless opportunities of building a self sustainable environment and improving their local living conditions under the administration of Governor Chukwuma Soludo.

In the course of the electioneering,  Soludo repeatedly reassured that his government will undertake the planting of ‘1 MILLION ECONOMIC TRESS’ across the state, as the project will make a major contribution towards improving the state’s agro business, bringing degraded land back into productivity, promoting  economic diversity, creating  a healthier Anambra with healthier ecosystem, creating more wealth and providing more job opportunities to many families.

In his recent dialogue with community leaders at Awka and Landlords Association at Onitsha, he reinstated his administration’s readiness to kickstart the planting of the economic trees (palm and coconut trees) across the state. His government will partner with communities to provide lands for the project where varieties of seedlings, fertilizers and other agro-chemicals will be made available to farmers on the “One Family Ten Economic Trees Project”, because Anambra has a vision of going to where M.I Okpara stopped with the palm revolution and plant millions of palm trees.

There is good news already. Analysts said global palm oil prices have soared in recent months, with other vegetable oils including sunflower and soy on similar trajectories, driving the UN Food and Agriculture Organization’s vegetable oil price index to a record high in February – a peak that has continued to rise.

With the recent global oil crisis, Anambra state could benefit and reap export profits in some years as there are increased efforts to enable Nigeria take advantage of Indonesia’s palm oil export ban.

In future years, Anambra will seek not only to export palm produce but also fresh palm wine.

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