Something Backward About Bakare

Posted on April 5, 2022


This short essay is my humble position on the uncouth and uncanny sacrilegious Sermon on Mount Hate by one fellow that introduces himself as “Pastor Tunde Bakare”, the established Muslim preacher of satanic verses against the actual real Christian children of the living God of Abraham, Isaac and Israel from the East!

The unexciting preacher, who’s reputed for abusing, insulting and cursing his congregation in the guise of preaching the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to them, had reportedly stated to his audience at so-called “Latter Rain Assembly Church” in Lagos that the men from the East of the Niger can’t produce the president of Nigeria, because of a purported curse laced on the Igbo race by Alhaji Tafawa Balewa!

Media search and research hasn’t proved that there’s any record of Tafawa Balewa placing any curse upon Igbo people.

The Igbo hater, standing on a supposed altar of God, decided to tell the greatest lie of the year to exhibit his long known envy and jealousy, hatred and malice against Ndigbo.

Tunde Bakare owes his congregation, populated by Ndigbo, and indeed Nigerians the explanation of where and when he had the necromancy interface with the respected Late 1st Republic Prime Minister, Tafawa Balewa!

That becomes germane because what history catalogues is that Tafawa Balewa was unfortunately a casualty in the military coup of 1965, which was orchestrated and perpetrated by some young military officers, said to have been led by Major Chukwuma Kaduna Nzeogwu!

Stories from key officers that participated in the coup have since exonerated the Igbo people of masterminding the bloody coup that also claimed the lives of some other notable Nigerian politicians at the time. In short, it wasn’t an Igbo coup! 

There’s a general believe among Ndigbo that the Yoruba of Western region of Nigeria hate their fellow citizens from the Eastern region. The satanic verses by Tunde Bakare has only further confirmed that ugly. There’s something backward about Bakare! 

There’s no doubt that Bakare is on a critical mission of whipping up hate and malice against the Igbo now that there is an increasing propensity for the emergence of a Nigerian President of Igbo extraction.

In short, Tunde Bakare doesn’t support the idea of a president who’s an Igbo man or woman. He doesn’t want an Igbo in Aso Rock. Tunde Bakare, why? 

He’s surely reenacting the native anachronistic mindset of hatred the Yoruba eternally nurses against the Igbo, which began with the deep hatred and malice against first republic Igbo political leaders like Rt. Hon. Dr. Benjamin Nnamdi Azikiwe in the West.

Tunde Bakare, a supposed lawyer, who is actually a Muslim that converted to Christianity and rose to become a pastor and preacher of Christ’s gospel, forgot what the Word he teaches, taught him in the Book of Proverbs against “he who calleth up a past matter”! What is Bakare up to? Which or whose script is he playing? Why did Tunde Bakare invoke such a fake story of “a curse on the Igbo by Tafawa Balewa”? 

With his fellow Muslims across the country supporting the coming of a wiseman from the East as the next president of Nigeria, what does Bakare intend to gain by vomiting the bile of wicked harboured inside of his body, soul and spirit?

The Bible that Bakare teaches, taught that out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh! Also, the Bible teaches that it’s not what goes into a man that defileth him, but what cometh out of the abundance of his heart!

Bakare has spoken evil against his fellow men and is no longer qualified to share the Word to the Communion of the Saints to Christians. His bishopric another should take as he does the needful by dishonourably resigning from the altar of Christ!
Truth is that if Nigerians give a nod to the Southeast geopolitical zone to produce the next president of Nigeria, a billion Tunde Bakares of this wicked world can’t stop it. If it’s a thing which time has come, who can stop it? 

Fairness, justice and equity strongly supports the Southeast to produce the next Nigerian president. That’ll be the first in the 61 years of Nigeria as a sovereign independent nation. Why doesn’t Tunde Bakare want that very laudable agendum to see the light of day?

For the sustained unity, peace and progress of Nigeria, the decision by Nigeria and Nigerians to accept a president of Igbo extraction is a modern, civilized thought and thinking. Let no Tunde Bakare disapprove what God Almighty has approved!

The world eagerly awaits the manifestation of Nigerian president of Eastern extraction! So let it be, in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit! Amen!

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