Tongues Wag About Pastor Sam Adeyemi, Wife’s ‘Relocation’ To Canada

Posted on March 20, 2022


Just last year, a popular Lagos Pastor told members of his congregation that despite having faith as Christians, they should have a Plan B like he already had as a Nigerian. According to the debonair preacher, with a new wave of power of technology, he could harness it to speak to his congregation from anywhere in the world.

Could this message have captured the attention of top pastor, Sam Adeyemi, founder of the Lagos-based Daystar Christian Centre and Nike, his wife?

For over two years now, this popular couple-clergy have allegedly abandoned their church and their flock —albeit physically— and relocated to Canada.

Sometime in early 2020, Adeyemi and his wife were said to have gone to Canada on vacation and while there, they were caught in the global lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result of this, they, from their North American base, adopted the technology option to engage their flocks. But when the lockdown restriction was lifted and air travels allowed, the Adeyemi refused to return.

More than two years on the bounce, the couple is yet to set foot in Nigeria let alone mount the pulpit to preach. Rather, the cleric preaches to his congregation every Sunday via a pre-recorded message that is played from a projector in the church.

Although, there are some pastors employed by the church to run programmes seamlessly at the headquarters in Oregun and satellite branches —Egbeda, Lekki, Ikorodu and Badagry— the continued absence of the Adeyemis hasn’t really gone down well with members of the church who have been discussing the matter in hushed tones.

Of course, Adeyemi has also expanded beyond his ministry as he now runs a global leadership consultancy, GLC firm as the principal consultant which is for C-suites executives founded strictly to raise high impact leaders and transform organisations. He is well sought after by many top conglomerates and has been rubbing shoulders with boardroom gurus, top CEOs, senior executives and government leaders.

While the Pastor and his wife are alleged to be shuttling between Canada and the United States where their children are schooling with Nigeria not in their immediate plans, many are wondering whether the clergyman has activated his Plan B.

However, Spotlight learnt that Adeyemi might have been motivated to leave the country after the pastor escaped the trauma which trailed the case where he was charged along with some folks for supporting the youths that took part in the #EndSARS protest.

It was learnt that the experience left a scar on his mind which must have provoked his decision to stay away from the country for some time to have some peace of mind.

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