Why SamDaddy Should Stop Eating His Own Flesh, Ihedioha Is Not The Cause Of His Miscarriage 

Posted on February 23, 2024


Since after the PDP South East Zonal Executive Committee meeting held at Enugu State, the former Secretary of Peoples Democratic Party, Senator Sam Anyanwu, has continued to eat his own flesh, throwing batters at Ihedioha, blackmailing him left, right and centre and accusing him as the architect of his woes and miscarriage.

By now, one would have expected Dee Sam to tell himself the hard truth, and come to the crystal fact that the train has already left the station, so, pursuing it is akin to throwing sand to a cruising aircraft which of course is an effort in futility.

You cannot continue to impugn on the reputation of an innocent man or continue to accuse him of being behind your woes and miscarriage and expect to have peace. It is like engaging in a battle of the spirit ( ogu nde MMUO).

Since after his removal as the National Secretary of PDP , he has continued to point accusing fingers on this same Ihedioha.
The South East PDP Zonal Executive Committee and the leaders of the party in the zone met in Enugu on Tuesday 20th February, under the chairmanship of the National Vice Chairman (South East) , High Chief Dr Ali Odefa and the party zonal leader, Governor of Enugu state, His Excellency Dr Peter Mba.
The meeting reiterated and reaffirmed its decisions in its previous meeting which asked Dee Sam to stop parading himself as the National Secretary of the party , as he has relinquished the position by virtue of the provision of the constitution of the party , which has been upheld by a court of competent jurisdiction. The meeting further affirmed the nomination of Hon. Udeh Okoye as replacement for the position .

Among all the leaders of the party in the South East who attended the meeting and took the decision, it is only Emeka Ihedioha SamDaddy accused of masterminding his removal as the National Secretary. The Enugu state High Court affirmed his removal and restrained him from parading himself as the national secretary of the party, he resorted in accusing the same Emeka Ihedioha.

When the National Executive Committee of the party failed to recognise him as the National secretary, he still accused the same Emeka Ihedioha. When the PDP Board of Trustees approved his removal and recommended for his immediate replacement, he went haywire and began to drag Ihedioha out. So, is Ihedioha so powerful to influence the PDP South East zonal Executive Committee, PDP National Executive Committee, PDP Board of Trustees and even the court to effect his removal as the National Secretary?. Which means Ihedioha must be a political institution.

The truth is that, SamDaddy has really lost it. He has on the process of fighting Ihedioha lost his blue ribbon and brought himself to the lowest ebb of pedestrianism and hollowness . Imagine, in order to continue to hoodwink his local supporters club, he will be gatecrashing into any gathering of members of PDP NEC and be struggling for a photo snap. I used to think that political exposure confers some measure of candour, respectability and maturity on people, but in the case of SamDaddy, its a different ballgame.

Whoever loves this Atta erstwhile local government chairman should plead with him to revolutionize his mindset and help himself. Ihedioha is not the cause of his woes and miscarriage. Power and positions come from God , not by “garagara” or “boys oyeee” mentality.

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