Chisom Agoawuike shares her exciting story towards landing a Lead Role with Africa Magic

Posted on November 20, 2023


Former beauty Queen, Chisom Agoawuike has quickly become one of the rising stars in Nollywood. Much like many other talented individuals, Chisom’s journey began as she watched Africa Magic, nurturing the dream of gracing the big stage. In this interview, the actress shares insights into her journey, including how she secured the role of “Halita” in the widely acclaimed Africa Magic series, The Rishantes, and the subsequent ascent to stardom. Enjoy the read as Chisom shares more insights in this interview:


Q: From your own perspective, how would you describe the impact of Africa Magic on the entertainment industry in the past 20 years?


Africa Magic has impacted the industry immensely in terms of storytelling, projecting the culture and tradition of Nigerians and not only Nigerians, Africans to the world. Africa Magic has also impacted the success of individuals in their different careers, be it acting or behind the scenes. People have gained massive success and also had to have a means of livelihood through the projects. The impact is not just on the career but also on the means of livelihood, on the economy, putting food on the table, making people happy, and making people feel like they are impactful in society. I’m very excited about what they do for the country and for the people.


Q: You rose to stardom on Africa Magic, how has the platform shaped your career?


My experience working with Africa Magic has been beautiful. I was just a girl with a dream, watching Africa Magic. I hoped that one day I would be on the platform and getting to be on the platform was a dream come true. It has impacted my life in a beautiful way. Aside from the series I got to play on the platform which are Halita and The Rishantes, a lot of other producers have also seen me and worked with me on other projects. I would say this is every actor’s dream- to be given a chance to be seen. So, I’m grateful that Africa Magic saw me and gave me the platform to grow.


Q: Tell us, how did Africa Magic spot your talent?


It didn’t even happen in a place where anybody thought was possible. They came to the north; they came to Abuja. I had gotten the information about the audition from a friend and later saw a post on the producer’s social media handle. I never thought I would land the Halita role because I never knew the audition was for a lead role. It was after the first set of auditions, that we got to know about the role. At that point, I gave it my all and luckily, I fit perfectly for the physical attributes needed for the character. I have to say that I was surprised when I was picked for the role, my first lead role as an actress. This sort of opportunity was always going to be a case of if it’s not Lagos, it’s not going to be possible. But now Africa Magic is going beyond the shores of Lagos, they are exploring other cities, giving opportunities to different people which is just a beautiful experience.


Q: What was that WOW moment for you on Africa Magic, that evergreen moment that you can never forget?


It was when the series won the Best Original Drama Series in 2021. The Rishantes, which is a sequel to “Halita”, won it in 2021 at the AMVCA. That was the most beautiful moment for me. It was most memorable to know that the hard work and everything we have done was rewarded. That would be my fondest memory.


Q: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?


I see myself taking over. I see myself as one of the names that you would mention and you would say yes, this is a girl that has left good footprints on the sands of time. I see myself at the top and making the most of my career, just being at that point where I have envisioned for myself.


Q: Where do you think Africa Magic will take this industry in the next few years?


I think Africa Magic would take the industry to greater heights by being inclusive, being strategic, and having good plans. That would not just favour them but everyone. I mean it’s a no-brainer that they would keep making a beautiful impact as long as they continue searching for talents, giving opportunities to people.

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