Dilapidation Of Judiciary

Posted on November 30, 2023
There is no way a load on one’s head will be straight if his two legs are unevenly bent. You can’t have a free and fair society under the watch of a corrupt umpire body. It is an inherent right of the citizens to question the authorities. The most precious treasure of a right thinking common man is justice. Struggling to fight corruption and other crimes in a society where Court Judges are the key players in the field of corruption is like trying to board a ship at the airport. 
The fight against corruption and other crimes will not prosper as far as the power to condemn and set free remains in the hands of criminal judges. In Africa, the President and top players in the systems are exempted in the fight against corruption. Though, virtually all fight against corruption in Africa is gunned to weaken all forms of opposition for the interests of the power that be.
Corruption in the judicial arm of government is a catalyst for crimes. You don’t expect crimes to be abated where corrupt politicians, armed robbers, kidnappers, terrorists and other criminals always find an exit door through judicial routenaries, which has proliferated crimes and frustrated the war against corruption to a very high degree. Instead of playing the true nature of an umpire body to ensure and defend justice in all spheres, the Court judges have become beacon of hope for criminals and corrupt politicians.
I would say perhaps that the Judicial arm of Government is Nigerians greatest curse. It has been translated to an avenue to satisfy the avaricious desires of criminal judges. Our security forces will risk their lives to apprehend a criminal while Court judges on the other hand will release the criminals, rendering the sacrificial efforts of our gallant security men and women impotent.
The war against corruption must start with Court judges and top players in our Political Sea, with a view of a draconian penalty that will render impotent all manipulative efforts to suppress the course of justice. And the masses must be ready to push for this golden goal that will undebatably ensure a spectacular economy opulence in all spheres.
No one can sit comfortably to ride your back if it is not bent. Until the oppressed rises firmly to say ‘YA BASTA’, the oppressor will keep feasting on the naivety of the oppressed.
A future insured is a future assured. A right functioning justice system remains the assurance of our future hope, where good governance, equal rights, freedom, basic amenities and secured environment shall be guaranteed.
With all available tools, we must address this epileptic justice system that has rendered the strength of our security apparatus impotent and positioned our economy in a state of comatose.
Please digest this: Today is the tomorrow we made so yesterday, while tomorrow shall be the future we shall make so today.
– Ambassador Ezewele Cyril Abionanojie is the author of the book ‘The Enemy Called Corruption’ and an Award Winning ‘Best Columnist of The Year’, ‘Giant in Security Support’ ‘The Nigerian Statesmanship-Integrity and Productivity’ among others. He is the President of Peace Ambassadors Global.

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