HMIS Training: Lagos Health DISTRICT III Partners Gates Foundation 

Posted on April 3, 2024

In a concerted effort to bolster healthcare data collection and management, Lagos State Health District III has again collaborated with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to conduct a comprehensive Health Management Information System (HMIS) training programme for the Staff of the District.

During the five-day training, which started on Tuesday last week, select categories of health workers underwent rigorous training sessions aimed at reinforcing the significance of precise data collection, analysis, and reporting.

The initiative, according to the Permanent Secretary, Health District III, Dr. Monsurat Adeleke, underscores the critical role of accurate health data in enhancing healthcare delivery, optimising resource allocation, and facilitating informed decision-making processes.

She stated that by equipping frontline health workers with essential skills and tools, the state’s overall data collection infrastructure would be aligned with the broader vision of advancing towards a “Greater Lagos”.

Speaking on the significance of the collaboration, Dr. Adeleke emphasised the importance of timely and reliable health data in improving the quality of life and well-being of Lagos residents.

This strategic partnership with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, according to the Permanent, reflects a shared commitment to harnessing data-driven approaches to address healthcare challenges and promote sustainable development across the State.

She added that the Health Management Information System training initiative represents a proactive step towards enhancing the resilience and effectiveness of Lagos State’s healthcare system while also positioning it to better respond to evolving public health needs and challenges.

She maintained that as efforts to strengthen health data systems continue, all relevant stakeholders must remain optimistic about the positive impact on healthcare outcomes and the overall prosperity of Lagos State.

It should be noted that the Management Staff of Lagos State Health District III have been trained earlier on Essential Communication Skills and Memo Writing Proficiency, in collaboration with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in March this year.

This recent training is in continuation of the capacity enhancement training between Health District III and the Melinda Gates Foundation to equip the workforce of the District with the tools and knowledge necessary to excel in their roles while promoting collaboration and innovation.


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