Imo: Governor Uzodimma’s Passion For A Better Imo

Posted on September 28, 2022
A researched collection of the major and minor speeches and addresses of the Executive Governor of Imo State, His Excellency, Distinguished Senator Hope Uzodimma, since he assumed office in 2020, has revealed his passion for a better Imo State for Imo people.
Growing and developing Imo State to a place where life is worth living is a major preoccupation of the Imo governor’s.
In fact, the governor apparently breathes, wakes and sleeps with deep thoughts and thinking about how Imo State could be heaven on earth for the overall good of all Ndimo.
He’s not clannish. He’s won’t be caught in the web of retrogressive nepotism and bigotry. He sees the entire State as one united entity. He doesn’t discriminate. He shares prosperity to all.
Governor Uzodimma by his words that are matched by his deeds has proved that he wants all roads in the State constructed to modern standards to make driving in them a good experience for Imolites.
Governor Uzodimma wants to see every Imolite have access to affordable healthcare in all the nooks and crannies of the State. He wants to see Ndimo protected against preventable diseases.
Governor Uzodimma wants to see Imo children in schools with conducive infrastructure, equipment and materials to enhance the teaching and learning experiences to produce the next generation of Imo people adequately taught, trained and equipped for a better life.
Governor Uzodimma is very passionate about creating a positive society in Imo State where vices and negatives don’t find any space to thrive.
Governor Uzodimma wants to see a happy and satisfied workforce in the State, hence he keeps the payment of salaries and pensions to all duly verified civil servants and pensioners as first line charge of his government.
Governor Uzodimma goes all out to attract and provide good things of life that enhance the standards and conditions of living of Ndimo.
For example, only recently, the governor attracted the establishment of a 10 megawatts hydropower plant at the trajectories of Otammiri River and Nworie River. It was to make public electricity supply available to the people in better quantities and qualities.
When Governor Uzodimma went out to solicit for the establishment of a Naval Base in the State, which was followed with the dredging of the Urashi River with the aim of turning it into a seaport in Imo State, with the establishment of a 10 megawatts hydropower plant on Rivers Otammiri and Nworie, he had the overall good of Ndimo at the very center of his heart.
When Governor Uzodimma went all out to recover the second state-owned university in Imo State, he had the good of Ndimo at heart. Ditto, when he recovered about 1000 land and landed property that belong to the government, and also to the people. He wanted justice for the people.
When Governor Uzodimma invited the military to Imo State, he wanted to save lives of Ndimo that were being wasted by the unknown gunmen that were sponsored by known bad politicians. He wanted to stop the wanton destruction of property of the government and of Imo people.
From verifiable researched records, Governor Uzodimma has always been burdened and bothered by how he could make Imo State much better than he met it.
Therefore, when Imo PDP and the opposition cult in the State strive and struggle to undermine his good efforts they unwittingly underline the fact that they are enemies of progress of the State.
The people of Imo State know that Governor Uzodimma is doing well with his styles and approaches to leadership and governance deliveries.
Hence, no amount of petty propaganda and blackmail can sway and swing Ndimo from the truth about the efforts of the governor to make Imo State a good place to live in. Let God be Judge! To God be the glory!
By God’s grace, Imo State is being rehabilitated, reconstructed and recovered by Governor Uzodimma!

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