Love and Light Preview: Is David and Ojonya’s Marriage Off?

Posted on November 13, 2023

Africa Magic

The longstanding tension between David and Takedat blossomed into a physical fight in the eleventh and twelfth episodes of Africa Magic’s Love and Light series thereby leaving the certainty of David and Ojonya’s wedding in doubt.


Ojonya, who has found herself on the verge of walking away from her second wedding engagement in the space of eight months, had been emotionally entangled with her ex-fiance, Takedat. His presence as the hired photographer for her new wedding made her vulnerable to his advances.


A guilt-ridden Ojonya confessed her infidelity to David. In turn, an irate David proceeded to attack Takedat whom he found taking an evening stroll at the resort. While both men exchanged blows and vulgar words, a bruised Takedat challenged David’s ironic attack because he was also cheating on Ojonya with Yema, his sister and the wedding planner.


Unfortunately for David, Ojonya heard Takedat’s revelation, she confronted him and threatened to end the marriage. She also proceeded to challenge Yema for betraying their friendship by sleeping with her fiance. However, Yema retorted by claiming their friendship ended the moment Ojonya left her brother at the wedding altar without any explanation.


In light of the revelations, Yema challenged her brother for failing to keep her secret, while he replied by claiming she caused her woes by hiring his service for the wedding engagement of his ex-fiancee. Also, David and Ojonya clashed over the paternity of her pregnancy.



While Yema maintains her claim that David is not the father of her child, he demands that a DNA test needs to be done when the child is born to verify her claim. But she insists that he would need to secure a court order before she would agree to doing a DNA test.


Many followers of this interesting series are left wondering if Ojonya would consider ending another engagement and reunite with Takedat or would she forgive David’s infidelity and stick with him?


What about Yema? Is she being truthful about the fatherhood of pregnancy? All of these and many other interesting plots will unfold in the 13th and 14th episode of Love and Light airing on Africa Magic Showcase (GOtv ch 12) on Mondays and Tuesdays.


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