On November 11, 2023: Hope Uzodimma Is A Goal!

Posted on September 18, 2023



First, I want to declare categorically that no amount of false accusation, disdain and unsubstantiated allegations on social media by noisy and feeble agents of the sinking People’s Democratic Party (PDP) and placeholders masquerading as gubernatorial candidates of the other inconsequential political parties can change anything regarding the re-election of Distinguished Senator Hope Uzodimma for a second term of office on November 11, 2023.

If those making the false accusations are serious, they should contact appropriate anti-graft agencies of government like the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, Independent Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offences Commission, ICPC, or even any court of competent jurisdiction for proper legal investigation and adjudication.

It is on record that the Shared Prosperity Administration of Distinguished Senator Hope Uzodimma has won international awards, recognition and cash from the World Bank and other international bodies because of transparency in governance, financial prudence and probity, hence the noise and silly wails of hate from the spineless opposition are ridiculous and of no effect.

I equally urge the good people of Imo State to disregard such deliberate frenzy of misinformation from agents of the opposition parties as they are mere fabrications and irrelevant propaganda to deceive the masses.

It is on record that Distinguished Senator Hope Uzodimma like late Dee Sam Mbakwe PhD, has only one building in this world at Omuma, Oru East – this is a proven fact. Governor Uzodimma is not cut out for self-aggrandizement. He is neither greedy nor avaricious, rather he has a strong and natural inclination towards altruism and his main focus is ensuring the good of Imo people.

It is on record that Governor Uzodimma recovered over 800 hectares of stolen or appropriated land by previous administrations and returned all to the rightful owners – this is the kind of leader Imo deserves and even former Governor Rochas Okorocha and his prominent son-in-law, Hon. Uche Nwosu, have attested to that.

My principal and Governor of Imo State, Distinguished Senator Hope Uzodimma as a man of proven integrity, has no skeleton in the cupboard and will never renege on his promises to Imo people. He is entirely focused on delivering good governance and dividends of democracy to the peace-loving people of Imo State

Governor Uzodimma is a very good and wonderful leader, who sees every Imo citizen as a friend and not enemy. He is equally committed to safeguarding the lives and property of all Imo people irrespective of their political leanings.

According to him: ” We have no other State we can call our own except Imo, therefore we should build and not destroy it. I have come to serve and will do my utmost to leave Imo better than I found it.”

The foregoing declaration, which is firm, manifests in Governor Uzodimma’s issue-based campaign. Indeed, the soft-spoken and kind-hearted Governor Uzodimma is a man of few words that believes in action and desirous of what can be done to better the lot of Imo people. He does not make bogus claims or promises as his word is his bond. He is never bellicose and will never abuse anyone. In fact, he has directed that we should focus on his spectacular achievements as Governor of Imo State and resist any attempt to call anyone names.

That Distinguished Senator Hope Uzodimma CON, will win the November 11, 2023 gubernatorial election in Imo State is indisputable because so far, he has no match among the unserious contestants from the other fringe political parties.

Governor Uzodimma will win because he is prepared, has Divine Approval, Divine anointing, abundant grace of God and good works that will speak for him ultimately – he is unstoppable.

When I say Divine Approval, do not ever think I am joking, I mean it and the same Divine Approval is making everything work together for good for Uzodimma.

Did you hear that Ugochinyere “Ikeagwuonu” of Ideato Nation, has been sacked by the tribunal sitting in Nasarawa State? Of course, it is no longer news but the development is now a fact of history and confirmation of the proverb, which says that: “When the gods want to kill someone, they first make him/her mad.” In fact, Ugochinyere Ikeagwuonu was literally mad about Gov. Uzodimma and the good work he is doing in Imo State. He became real mad because Gov. Uzodimma surpassed expectations, enthroned good governance, financial prudence and probity, began massive infrastructural development revolution against all odds, recovered what seemed irrecoverable like MKO Mbadiwe University, Ogboko, Imo Standard Shoe Factory, over 800 hectares of stolen land and more.

Today, the chickens have come home to roost for Ugochinyere Ikeagwuonu, as unabashed desperation has brought him down and he will continue to lose.

For the first time in the history of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) they are presenting or rather fielding candidates with big question mark over their credibility and a drab slogan: “Make Imo Safe Again,” which is so unconvincing and cannot fly.

Imo State under Distinguished Senator Hope Uzodimma is already safe so I do not know how Senator Samuel Anyanwu and Hon. Jones Onyereri will make Imo safe again.

Unfortunately, the PDP has nothing good to offer Imo people and until the PDP tells Imo People what the party knows about insecurity in the state that made her adopt the defeatist slogan: “Make Imo Safe Again,” Imo people should never believe the falsehood being churned out by the enslavement party called the PDP, which practically did nothing for Imo State after over 12 years of being in power.

I respectfully challenge Senator Samuel Anyanwu to point at one project he started and completed as Chairman of Ikeduru Local Government Area or attracted to Ikeduru Local Government Area as member of Imo House of Assembly for eight years or to Owerri Zone as Senator representing Imo East Senatorial Zone – and when he does that we will then verify. It is as simple as that and there is no need for insult or foul language.

The PDP like a sinking ship only succeeded in ruining the economy of Imo State so much that when Distinguished Senator Uzodimma got sworn-in as the Governor, he found an empty treasury – Yes, it is true.

The other one like it is the humiliating withdrawal of support for the campaign team of Senator Athan Achonu by Labour Party stalwarts like Chief Martin Agbaso and Rt. Hon. Kelechi Nwagwu but is Senator Achonu actually contesting the election?

The truth of the matter is that with the withdrawal of Chief Martin Agbaso and Rt. Hon Kelechi Nwagwu from the campaign team of the Labour Party for the gubernatorial election, which is a real bad omen – it means the Labour Party is shaking and their candidate cannot withstand Distinguished Senator Hope Uzodimma at the polls.

The other person, I mean the General of Action Alliance, AA, Major General Jack Lincoln Ogunewe (rtd), is without doubt, a great man, accomplished soldier and decorated General but he is only accustomed to regimented scheme of things. He still needs to continue the orientation needed to function well outside the regimented life in army barracks. That he is entitled to his dream and ambition is not questionable but I am afraid, he is still a political rookie and lacks the requisite experience presently needed to govern a great State like Imo hence he should wait until 2027.

Meantime, except Distinguished Senator Hope Uzodimma, all the other contestants including the placeholders from the fringe parties especially those from Owerri and Okigwe Zones are in breach of the Imo Charter of Equity as duly passed into law by the Imo State House of Assembly and appropriately assented to.

Imo people have spoken with one voice regarding the Charter of Equity but these ‘gentlemen’ chose to go against that decision for equity and inclusion therefore they will face the consequences on November 11, 2023. Believe me!

A dispassionate and unbiased appraisal of what Distinguished Senator Hope Uzodimma is doing, has done and will continue to do in his second term of office, will come to one faultless conclusion and which is that he has done so much and so very well, therefore he is a very huge success, the best of the best, very big goal and deserves a second term of office.

Now, let us focus on the Reconstruction efforts of Governor Uzodimma that has transformed Imo State into a massive construction site and Centre of infrastructural development in the Southeast.

Under four years of breathtaking and determined good governance rooted in transparency and financial probity, Governor Uzodimma has reconstructed over 100 roads including the major Trunk ‘A’ Roads namely, Owerri-Okigwe Road, Owerri -Orlu Road and Owerri -Mbaise-Obowo Road.

It is true and marvelous that for the first time in the history of Imo State, a visionary leader that carries himself with class, elegance and sophistication has blazed a trail in modern road reconstruction with all the roads fitted with street light.

Nonetheless, the detractors are not happy about the road reconstruction revolution, they are not happy that it is happening and ongoing, they are so embittered that they cannot acknowledge the incontrovertible fact that Gov. Uzodimma has done well and if his predecessors had done a bit of what he has accomplished thus far, Imo that is resplendent under Distinguished Senator Hope Uzodimma would have been better but there is nothing to worry about because Hope Uzodimma is in charge and the best is yet to come in the second term of office.

It is true and heartwarming that today, Imo legislators are ” landlords” according to the young and enterprising Deputy Speaker, Rt Hon. Amara Iwuanyanwu (Capacity), in his excited reaction to the total reconstruction and equipment of the massive and iconic Imo State House of Assembly Complex by Distinguished Senator Hope Uzodimma – (Onwa nwere good taste).

They are now “landlords” because they have left the temporary office complex close to Commissioners’ Quarters – where they stayed for so long as “tenants.”

Next is the Imo State International Convention Centre (IICC)- a replica of the well-constructed Abuja International Conference Centre and a good initiation of the administration of Senator Rochas Okorocha but was poorly and hastily constructed with fake building materials including rods. However, it is currently being reconstructed by Distinguished Senator Hope Uzodimma because it collapsed beyond recovery and renovation.

Did you notice that I praised the International Convention Centre initiation? Yes, it is totally in line with the ethos of Uzodimma administrative-cum- political Philosophy – that acknowledges and maintains good things done by previous administrations. It is also a peaceful and inclusive political philosophy.

There is serious reconstruction work from the foundation of the Convention Centre going on and upon completion, the new Imo International Convention Centre will be an architectural masterpiece and a reflection of the positive aura of Gov. Uzodimma.

The Relief Market Road in Ikenegbu that connects Ikenegbu and environs with Owerri-Mbaise-Obowo Road is another important road Governor Uzodimma reconstructed early in his first term of office and I decided to mention it because it seems people no longer remember how bad it was before Uzodimma took over the reins of power. The road was impassable and a nightmare to both commuters and motorists, traders and people living in the area, who suffered as the road was deliberately abandoned by successive past administrations including Achike Udenwa, Ikedi Ohakim, Rochas Okorocha and others. However, when Governor Uzodimma came to power, he hearkened to the yearning of the masses, who were passing through hell because of the bad nature of that vital road that has huge economic benefits and prioritized it as one of the key projects of his first 100 days in office. What a man! What a great and kind leader with overflowing milk of human kindness! Suddenly, the cries, woes and lamentations of the traders and residents of the area have ended. Now, it is appreciation time and I expect all Imo traders under the leadership of the President of Imo State Amalgamated Markets and Traders Association, ISAMATA, Honourable Emmanuel Ezeanochie, to troop out on November 11, 2023, and vote for Distinguished Senator Hope Uzodimma and the All Progressives Congress, APC, because one good term truly deserves another.

For the fact that the Shared Prosperity Administration is doing so well, everyone including the unseen Imo Citizens – I mean the spirits, want to join the winning and prosperous 3R Family. They want to be affected by the destiny-changing dew of Hope Uzodimma’s aura.

I reiterate that Governor Uzodimma has surpassed expectations with his remarkable achievements, he has proven detractors and naysayers wrong, he has proven that with determination, clear vision, fear of God Almighty and financial probity, much can be accomplished for Imo State. Therefore, the beneficiaries – the wonderful people of Imo State including great Imo youths, the elderly, pensioners, market men and women, teachers, civil servants, students, the clergy and laity, political appointees and lovers of good governance should troop out, I mean come out in large numbers to vote for Distinguished Senator Hope Uzodimma on November 11, 2023 so that the good work can continue and it will continue by the grace of God because Uzodimma is a goal!!!!!!i Yes, he is and this time he will score a brace!

Let those in support say Aye! The Ayes have it!

God bless Imo State!



– Hon. Prince Ben AHANONU is Special Adviser (CSDP) to the Governor of Imo State.

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