The Making of The Industrialist – Part 1

Posted on February 25, 2024


In the wake of our father’s sudden death in 1992, Celestine Ebubeogu returned from abroad and made the difficult decision to stay back in Nigeria, forsaking greater personal ambition.

It was therefore, a modest beginning in 1993 when our mother entrusted us with the assets of Ebubeogu Tiger Foodstuffs Nig. Ltd, valued at N230,000. Little did we know that this act of parental faith would set us on an extraordinary journey.

United by our love for our mother and driven by the desire to uphold the family legacy, we deliberately set aside our personal aspirations. Our efforts were channelled into nurturing the spices business that had roots in the Man Must Wack Restaurant, a “Mama Put” enterprise that first graced Port Harcourt six decades ago, before berthing at Main Market Onitsha and Zik’s Avenue Fegge.

Self-denial, financial prudence, and unwavering trust became the guiding principles that shaped our journey. Without formal guidance in the world of entrepreneurship, we observed and absorbed the best practices of the corporate world. We made a conscious effort to separate our individual preferences from our business endeavours, all while forging a path founded on mutual respect.

Salaries and allowances were determined through mutual consent, as we meticulously managed the limited capital at our disposal. Our vision remained fixed on one goal: cultivating the brand’s equity towards building sustainable capital for the business.

By 1996, the burgeoning potential of our enterprise was unmistakable. Recognising this promising growth, we incorporated Tiger Foods Limited and extended marginal shares to the family, marking an enduring commitment to prosperity and unity within our ranks.

At the time of our mother’s passing in 2003, she had the opportunity to witness the potential of her cherished dream taking on a promising and unmistakable form.

Thirty (30) years after that early morning meeting in our mother’s bedroom, where she handed over her spices enterprise to us, Tiger Foods has built a brand that transcends the West African subregion and produces raw materials found in 3rd parties products consumed beyond the Sub-Saharan African states.

…to be continued

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