The Palace Slave 

Posted on July 11, 2024
As we reflect on the legacy of colonialism, it is important to acknowledge the complicity of some African leaders in perpetuating the exploitation of our continent. Like the palace slaves of old, who served as loyal servants to colonial masters, most African modern-day leaders have remained willing tools for neocolonial powers.
These leaders prioritize personal gains over national interests, allowing foreign powers to plunder our resources, undermine our sovereignty, and perpetuate economic bondage. They sign away our riches, mortgage our future, and crush dissenting voices. They are wolves in sheep clothing. They allow their greed for cash to becloud the true wishes of their hearts, suppressing their conscience courts and squander their stolen public wealth in guilt.
The palace slave mentality is rooted in a colonial-era mindset, where external validation and material gain are prioritized over African self-determination. It is a betrayal of our past heroes’ struggles for independence and a slap in the face to our collective dignity.
It is a pity that there are always people among our ranks ready and willing to be used by the West. The loophole of the enemies within has been the retrogressive factor frastrating the genuine efforts of the non conformists among our ranks, who dare to liberate Africans from the manipulative dungeon of colonialism.
We must recognize, reject and eliminate this toxic leadership system and champion true Pan-Africanism, self-determination, and sustainable development as employed by the new pro African leadership in Niger, Mali and Burkina Faso Republics in order to break free from the shackles of colonialism and forge a future that truly benefits Africa and Africans.
Let us honour our heritage by standing up against exploitation and embracing our rightful place as equal partners on the global stage. The rulership of palace slaves in Africa has religated the Continent to the shameful pit of never – do – well. The era of proud, independent African leaders has begun in the open city of Burkina Faso. It is speaking very loud in the Uranium valley of Niger. It has become a panoramic view on the freedom mountain of Mali.
As Africans, to break free from this cycle of leadership madness, we must promote true pan-Africanism, prioritizing African solutions for African problems; support leaders who champion self-determination and sustainable development; encourage transparency, accountability, and good governance; empower grassroots movements and civil society organizations and celebrate our rich cultural heritage as we reject foreign cultural imperialism.
Only then can we shatter the palace slave syndrome, unlock our true potentials, and build a brighter future for all Africans. The time for mental liberation is now!
AMB. EZEWELE CYRIL ABIONANOJIE is the author of the book, ‘The Enemy Called Corruption’ ; an award winner ‘Best Columnist Of The Year’,  ‘Giant In Security Support’ among other local and international awards. He is the Founder/President of Peace Ambassadors Global.

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