The Prodigal

Posted on January 14, 2021

Africa remains a centre of attraction to other civilizations while Africans are running to other civilizations for survival. Definitely, there is a missing link. There is something other civilizations are seeing in our lands that we do not see, or pay less attention to. We need to be conscientized concerning this dark area. It is either we are wrongly educated to only see things from the surface or we are fine tuned to only function as robots for the interest of our colonialists.

There is no colonization that is designed to help, free or upgrade the colonized people. It is always an act of oppression, aggression, extortion, suppression and repression. It is nothing but a pernicious movement by a certain group of people into a foreign land for total enslavement and domination. It is a crime against humanity even if the world refuse to label it so. It is an inhuman act, driven on the mud of hostility. In other to have more hands in carrying out their hooded acts, colonial masters have to create from us, few house slaves to rule over the majority field slaves. The house slaves were the tools they used to control the field slaves. 

Though, presently, field slaves are microscopic in numbers as our brain washed educational system has converted many field slaves to house slaves.Till date, the majority of African leaders and elites still think and operate in the category of colonialists’ house slaves. They are the reason the above said dark area remains dark. They prefer to identify with their colonialists’ culture than their own culture. They have had it engraved in their hearts that their culture is evil and that the colonialists’ culture is divine. They steal and impoverish their people and take the stolen money to colonial masters’ land for a keep and to enjoy temporary luxury life style over there.They are ashamed of their culture and celebrate colonialists’ culture gleefully. 

Before leaving our lands, Colonialists ensured that our brains were chained mentally to hold sway over our thoughts in order to keep controlling our lands. No physical chain was needed anymore! Though we inhabit the land of Africa, but the West and presently together with China own the land. They deceived us to believe we are inferior and that they are superior; that we are black in colour while they refer to anything black as illegal; that we are products of a lesser God, and above all, that we cannot survive without them. And anytime a field slave assumes power of authority to liberate his people from inexplicable deleterious forces of foreign powers, colonial masters will go bizarre, grow bitter and device a political or military means to either kill or depose the field slave and empower a house slave.

The house slave works in favour of colonial masters (house masters) for their selfish gains while the field slave works chiefly for the enslaved and for the betterment of all. The house slave struggles to please Westerners than pleasing his people.If your academic degree can not benefit others and that with the degree, you are corrupt or do steal from public purse, no matter how glorious or elevated your degree may be, you have nothing but an evil degree. Indeed, corrupt African elites are perhaps Africans’ greatest curse. 

All we need is brain certification, not paper qualification. Not how educated you are but how fit you are. Never the colour of one’s academic certificate but the colour of his or her heart. A criminal with a degree is more subtle and more dangerous than a non graduate criminal, for a criminal who has traversed the school of universality would like to own the universe at the expense of others. We must learn to elect selfless leaders that desire the betterment of their people, not selfish leaders that want it all for themselves. 

We must push and empower the people with the capacity to unravel and light up the said dark area for Africans to discover the mystery why other civilizations are running to us for survival while we are running away to escape hardship.
Bob Marley asserts, “Who the cap fit, let them wear it”.

– Ambassador Ezewele Cyril Abionanojie.The author of the book, The Enemy Called Corruption.

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