Uzuegbuna Okagbue Has Shown Willingness & Ability To Represent, APGA Delegates Must Not Miss Their Shot

Posted on May 10, 2022

Ordinarily, I would not want to have a say in the politics of Anambra Central as regards who should represent the Senatorial Zone, but the sustained desire and willingness of the young Uzuegbuna Okagbue has continued to push me to defy my posture.

Aside being a political stakeholder in Anambra State, I am also a constituent of Anambra Central by association and as such, I have much interest in the zone. 

I have not for once hidden my admiration of Uzuegbuna Okagbue, a young man, who has continued to present himself as the poster boy for strategic paradigm shift in Representation and Leadership; he may be a lot of things to many people, but to most, he is a pragmatic Strategist, who can make things happen.

Watching the pace at which Uzuegbuna has been consulting and engaging leaders and Stakeholders of Anambra Central, the willingness in his approach to issues, his desire for strategic change, his composure, ability and strength, puts him forward as the missing link that will bridge the gap between the elites and the ordinary in our Senatorial Zone. 

Uzuegbuna has continued to present himself not just as an aspiring Senator, who will lead a reform, but a young man with the burning desire and zeal to make sustainable impact. In his Character, Expression, engagements and dimension lies the qualities of a Servant Leader. 

His service to former Governor Willie Obiano in the last 8 years has helped him crisscross different departments in Government and Leadership, which also equipped him with first hand experience to what Representative Leadership demands and to make direct impacts on the people. 

The myriad of endorsements from notable Leaders, stakeholders and ordinary people of Anambra Central is a proof to the ingenuity of Uzuegbuna and what his aspiration represents. 

Beyond the stoic desire to serve the people of Anambra Central, Uzuegbuna experience and competence are his areas of strength. He is a man who has continued to harp “How” he intends to do things and not the banal sermons of what will be done.

Uzuegbuna as an accomplished Financial expert, who served in reputable firms like the Bank, before going into Government based on Merits at a very young age, boasts of robust track records and towering pedigree. 

Uzuegbuna has since birth, devoted self to errand, charity and service to people around him. He considers the burden of others a shared responsibility. 

I recall that during his declaration parley, Uzuegbuna highlighted in details his efforts to transform the life of the lower class around him and those who are dependent on him for mentorship, which fetched him the title of “Ọchụ alili ụmụ ọgbenye”, although being a philanthropist isn’t enough criteria for Representative leadership, but he has in doing so, acknowledged that putting the interest and well-being of the people first will always remain the hallmark for every Leadership and Representation. 

Uzuegbuna, a young man in his peak, has shown beyond words and rhetorics that he is the missing link in Anambra Central, going to the Senate solely to Represent his people and attract dividends of Democracy home and not the phantom ethnic Representative. 

Conscious efforts must be made to ensure that the Delegates of APGA do not miss their shot at the primaries for the polity to enjoy the benefit of a worthy and deserving Candidate. The age long history of choosing rhetorics over competence and ability must not continue this time. 

Uzuegbuna it is!
UZU atugo!!!

Uloka Chukwubuikem writes from Ire Village Ogidi, Idemili South LGA, Anambra State.

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