Who Is Afraid Of Prince Dr Alex Mbata, ABM (1)

Posted on May 14, 2022


Since they came to know and became aware that he is the prime in the context for the Owerri East Senatorial seat,  there have been highly coordinated hired and inspired onslaughts against the person of Prince Dr Alex Mbata, ABM using a rather nebulous White Paper as a smokescreen. Be it known and it is hereby made known here and there that the merchants of this conspiracy theories are those who feel uncomfortable and intimidated by the rising high profiles of Prince Dr Alex Mbata, ABM. This group of mongers and never do well political agents and jobbers who engage in the electoral processes  for no altruistic reasons are again in their political theatrical best. This time, their acts while being farcial, are nonetheless, aimed at an over kill

In the closets of their tortured minds, blind devotion to mischievous misadventures and gamble for the satanic dances, they manufactured from the kingdom of Erebus and according to the wickedness of their dark hearts, tall tales designed to discredit and harm the reputation of an innocent man just because Prince Dr Alex Mbata, ABM is the main issue and best choice for the Owerri East Senatorial seat, not only in the APC but also, across all the parties and communities in the Zone. He is the only one who has score cards with him as he goes to meet the people. Like the Sanhedrin, this brood of vipers are not letting go as they, in full awareness of lack of meaningful contents, have chosen the only route available to them, to lie against him.

For the sake of records purposes, it is very important to state that the University system has its established pattern of administration and manner of conducting her businesses.

The administrative head of the University is the Vice Chancellor. The Pro Chancellor sits as Chairman of council comprising of other eminent people.

The libellous social media hype on imaginary contract involving NEEDS in the Imo State University purportedly contained in an equally imaginary white paper which sought to embarrass the person and high reputation of Prince Dr Alex Mbata, ABM is nothing but the handiwork of desperate political office seekers who have never seen  good in anything good. Because they lack autonomous identity in people’s oriented services, and are used to the gutter game, (they) have taken flights from reasons in profane search for self fulfillments.

Come to think of it, what concerned Prince Dr Alex Mbata in the award and cancellation of contracts in the Imo State University? Was he as the Pro Chancellor, in charge of the physical and planning unit of the University or the tender board? The answer is no. Was he in charge of NEEDS, a Federal government agency? The answer is no. Could he had authorized a continuation of a contract which  failed short of the needs assessment impact criteria? The answer again, is no.

It is important that people not only get their information but also peel and interrogate the layers of the information critically and objectively before rushing public with it. 

It is worthy and instructive to note that the said contractor was changed vide an official letter personally signed by the then Vice Chancellor of the University, Prof Adaobi Obasi. The reasons for the action of the University were clearly stated in that letter. There was nowhere Prince Dr Alex Mbata’s name came near this.

It is equally very important and instructive to note again that at no time was Prince Dr Alex Mbata invited to any visitation panel either as a witness or to be questioned on any issue concerning his stewardship as the Pro – Chancellor. If at anytime, his name came up in any white paper, it should be noted it was a smuggled item for purposes best known to the smugglers.

For the avoidance of doubt, Prince Dr Alex Mbata, ABM while holding sway as the Pro Chancellor and Chairman of council of the Imo University, as usual in line with his strict protocols of engagements, conducted himself in the finest tradition of decency and candour. His acceptance of the office of the Pro Chancellor was motivated by altruistic nationalism, to add values to the institution, a feat he accomplished. The records are there. Before accepting the offer to help the institution to flourish according to the core mandate of it’s establishment, Prince Dr Alex Mbata, had not only cut his teeth in the corporate world but had also established himself as a highly successful business man and community developer. No one can change this sacred fact.

Let it be known and it is hereby known again, that he who  God has  blessed, no one can curse. Prince Dr Alex Mbata, is a divine child surrounded by the fires of the Holy Spirit. It is important that those who allowed themselves to be hired to curse him learn from the scriptures. More as they mouth the curses, much as the curses go back to them.

There must be a limit to dirty politics. Prince Dr Alex Mbata, ABM settled for an issue based contest. He is however not afraid and certainly, will be ready to return fire with fire if the evil minded liars do not take caution.  Those who had presented themselves several times but were roundly rejected should give way to the wind of change currently blowing across Owerri Zone. They cannot eat their pie and still think to have it in their hands.

Finally, those who have nothing to tell other than lies should pack. They should chill and watch as the people’s choice Prince Dr Alex Mbata,  do what he knows best in the Senate, offering the best of services to the people.

A word they say, should be enough for the wise.

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