Posted on February 10, 2018


For the last couple of years, The Mo Ibrahim Foundation which annually confers the most outstanding leaders award to African leaders who have distinguished themselves in the art of leadership, has refused to confer the award on any of the present African leaders reason as cited by the foundation is that none of them is worthy. But, does this translate that they’re dearths of leaders in African? Read on. 

It is true that leadership in Africa is currently being led by those whom political profiteering has become an unquenchable vision – Men whose drive is their personal enrichment; the prosperity of the nation becomes a lesser issue to that of themselves. It is also true, that Africa has obscured their best men from assuming leadership positions. Men who have created wealth and jobs for their communities without being in an elective leadership position. Men whose fecundity is unquestionable and whose loyalty lies always with the people. Men to whom leadership is natural have been edged out of leadership positions by nitwits and scrupulous elements in the society

Chief Felix Idiga is one such man. Chief Felix Idiga is the Chief Executive Officer of JAFAC Group an indigenous group he founded in the 80’s when most of his mates were still seeking government patronage and singlehandedly built the group to become one of the highest employers of labour in Nigeria with little government support. Chief Felix Idiga is a visionary whose love for economic emancipation of the African continent is unmatched. He understands that leadership is both an art and a gift conferred by the almighty – reason why he sees service to his people like a holy injunction.

Chief Felix Idiga is a leaders leader. A principled and effusive leader who constantly keeps a vigil in search of solutions for his people. He understands that leadership is a rent we must pay to our community for birthing us. He perfectly knows that leadership is all about the people- that’s why without being in an elective leadership position, he has done more for his people than those in government. Like Felix himself will say ” Praise be to God always for giving us the grace of being able to do his works”.

If Africa must rise above her present darkness, she must allow the lights of men such as Felix Idiga beam to illuminate all corners of our communities and create prosperity. The antecedents of Chief Felix Idiga foretell an exceptional leader, a philanthropic leader who will go any length to alleviate the suffering of his people. It is said that the taste of the corn is in its pudding. Chief Felix Idiga who has shown excellence in community development must be allowed to come forward and take up leadership positions.

With men like Felix Idiga in leadership positions, I am very certain that our communities will be better for it. We have a moral duty to cajole and plead with natural born leaders like Felix Idiga to take up leadership positions, only then can we expect growth and prosperity in our society.

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