Top Actors Storm ‘Girls For Sale’ Auditions

Posted on September 27, 2017


From the stable of Kehinde Omoru, the producer of ‘Whose Meal Ticket’ comes another ‘edutainment’ film, ‘Girls For Sale’ which, although in its casting stage, has attracted several top actors who desire a role in the advocacy movie.

While ‘Whose Meal Ticket’ talks about diabetes and active charcoal, this new movie project focuses on adolescence and the delicate development of a teenager’s emotional, sexual and body images.

The movie is part of Omoru’s contribution to the welfare of the girl child through her advocacy outfit, Roxanne Care Options in partnership with Opa Williams Studios.

Described as a thriller, Omoru who is executive producer of the movie, noted that the spread and cycle of Cervical Cancer is the bedrock from which all themes spring in the movie.

She explained that the comedy features, which has been masterfully woven into the script by notable screenwriter Isokoh Edirin, focuses on ways in which girls’ health statuses are being inadvertently compromised.

‘Girls For Sale’ is the romantic story of a young lady (Elo) who goes through harrowing experiences before she eventually experienced unconditional love.

Elo’s emotions near-fatally got entangled with her violated teenage sweetheart Tega.

Rather than reciprocate same, Tega gave her a disputable pregnancy as well as a virus. Both virus and child grew along-side each other until it was time for both to be resolved. It took matured, powerful, and patient Alex to sort things out once and for all.

“Cultural African thought about the girl child dominates this story and begs that immediate and sustained reorientations start individually, clannishly, tribally, nationally and indeed globally. The beauty of ‘Girls For Sale’ is that it puts faces and voices to what has lived with us and in us for hundreds of years,” said Omoru.

Written by Omoru, the story is developed by Kate Henshaw, Fred Amata, Francis Onwochei, Opa Williams, and Dr. Oghogho Akpoyibo.

Among those expected to star in the movie are Ashionye Raccah, Sambasa Nzeribe, Kiki Omeili, Paul Utomi, Tony Akposhere and a host of others.

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