Don Jazzy Loses N5m To Toke Makinwa After Bet On Liquorose Backfires

Posted on October 4, 2021

Before Ebuka announced that Whitemoney had very royally won the N90 million grand prize at the Big Brother Naija finale on Sunday, Toke Makinwa and a few guests gathered to break down the show.

Don Jazzy, Juliet Ibrahim, Lasisi Elenu, and Toke Makinwa had some really bold opinions about the show.

Welcome to The Buzz’s breakdown of the week. This is about to be lit!

The Final Week’s Highlight On The Buzz

Lasisi Elenu first joined Toke to talk about all of Biggie’s games and twists this season. He said Big Brother will humble you.

He’s always advised people not to argue about the show too much, so they don’t cause unnecessary issues with other people.

Lasisi, in his usual playful manner, said that Pere and Angel may have developed a sexual bond while they were in the White Room. He then quickly clarified that the bond wasn’t in any way sexual. Toke agreed that they had developed a ‘co-dependency’ bond, and they may stay good friends afterwards.

Lasisi said if he had been on the show, he wouldn’t have been happy to see Pere and Angel come back into the house.

He declared that he would have hugged them but also gossiped about them afterwards.

All The Bonds That Got Cemented During The Final Week

Juliet Ibrahim joined Toke and Lasisi to talk about the bonds on the final week, from bromances to budding ships and existing ships. Juliet, who was talked about a bit this season, said it made her feel good to be admired and crushed on.

They then dove headfirst into Angel and Cross’ situationship, with Toke calling them cute. Juliet immediately opposed the idea of the two being together, saying she didn’t think it would work because Cross was also a player. Lasisi argued that Cross is a good man because he said the only time he’ll have sex with Angel is if they are married. They all concluded, though, that it’s all just ‘cruise control mode.

They also discussed the budding bromance between Whitemoney and Pere. Lasisi immediately said, “shey they wan dey whine me. Baba, we are playing a game. Let’s play it to the end.” Juliet thinks it may be honest because they’ve now both concluded that they are each other’s biggest threats.

Toke then asked a vital question – ‘did you think Angel and Liquorose would make it to the final?’ Juliet Ibrahim said she saw it coming. She started with Liquorose, saying she’s always had a strong presence since day 1. They all agreed that her solid social standing before the house really helped her game.

Juliet then talked about Angel, saying that she’s been honest the whole show. Lasisi and Toke agreed that Angel deserved her place in the finals as she was entertaining throughout the season.

Never Before Seen Moments From the Final Week

We can definitely say that Toke kept the most powerful lineup till the end as Don Jazzy joined them to break down some never before seen moments.

Don Jazzy said he’s pretty sure that Angel really likes Cross, something she confirmed at the live show. He added that he isn’t sure the feelings are mutual, and it could be because she’s way younger than Cross or because he thinks she’s a player.

They also discussed Angel and Pere’s conversation about Whitemoney not being happy when they returned to the house.

Every guest thought it was okay that he was in his feelings about it, and they agreed they would have been too if they were the ones in his shoes. That clearly didn’t matter as Whitemoney ended up winning the game.

The Final Secret Diary Session of BBNaija Shine Ya Eye On The Buzz

The finalists poured out their hearts to Biggie. From Angel’s reluctance to go back to a toxic real world, Liquorose’s shock that Big Brother could still pull more twists in the final week, and Cross’ ‘it’s a beautiful day’ poem.

Pere only wanted to make sure his girlfriend made it to the finale. Whitemoney, in his usual dramatic manner, just wanted to say, “we made it. I don blow”.

The guests were particularly into Angel’s session, and Don Jazzy asked MultiChoice Nigeria, the organisers of the show, to get her some help as soon as she’s out of the house.

They said Whitemoney has been set as the winner since the 2nd week on the show. They also talked about how Pere suddenly won’t stop asking about a girlfriend he never mentioned till towards the end of the show.


As always, TM ended the episode with a question for her guests. This time around, it was “who entertained you the most on the final week?” Don Jazzy said he liked watching Liquorose come out of her shell with Emmanuel.

Juliet chose Angel, saying that it started out with her fake eviction. Lasisi chose Cross because he’s always in a world of his own, goofy and bordering on the edge of recklessness. Toke chose Emmanuel because she couldn’t explain how he made it to the finals.

She asked a second question – “top three in no particular order”.

Don Baba J started off saying, “Whitemoney, Liquor and the General, unfortunately”.

Juliet went for Liquorose, Whitemoney and Cross, while Lasisi chose Angel, Whitemoney and Pere.

They ended the show with Don Jazzy betting N5 million on Liquorose winning, and Toke gambled on Whitemoney. So, it looks like even though Don Jazzy was the only one with the correct top 3 predictions, he has to pay Toke now.

The final episode of the Buzz will air on Wednesday, October 6, at 7 pm only on Showmax. It will feature Whitemoney, Liquorose, Pere and Cross.

Download the Showmax app on your iOS or Android device to catch the exclusive episode from the BBNaija’ Shine Ya Eye’ edition.

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