Female Lawyer Cries Out After Husband Chased Her With Cutlass

Posted on August 25, 2017


A female lawyer, Barrister Golda Osuigwe has cried out and sought for assistance after her husband, Barrister Paul Osuigwe chased her away with their four children from their home with a cutlass.

The incident happened at their family home located at Awoyaya area of Ajah, Lagos.

She lamented that her matrimonial home has been taken over by other women and the burden of training their four children alone was telling on her.

Despite the efforts of the family court to resolve the matter, her husband remained adamant.

An embittered woman narrated that apart from chasing her away, her husband allegedly went to the private school she was running, chased away all the students and shut the school, and since then she has been jobless.

Following the development, the family court sitting in Magbon in Eti-Osa Local Government Area of Lagos, remanded Barrister Paul in Ikoyi Prisons for one month without an option of fine for contempt and for using cutlass to chase Golda away despite the court order for both parties to maintain peace.

The mother of four who hails from Onitsha in Anambra State, met Paul who is from Orlu in Imo State during their university days where both studied law.

According to Golda, after their graduation and youth service, they got married 15 years ago and had four  children.

She said she took almost the whole responsibility to take care of the family to give Paul time to settle down and be able to take care of the family.

Golda alleged that when fortune smiled on Paul, he started misbehaving and had refused to care for his family but helped outsiders.

She said when she alone could not bear the burden of taking care of the family, she went to the Lagos welfare department and reported the matter.

The woman narrated that Paul’s attitude towards the family did not change and the welfare officials took both of them to the family court to resolve the matter.

Golda said that it was when they got home from the family court that Paul brought out a cutlass and chased them away.

Thereafter he went to her private school and chased all the students away and shut the place, since then she and her children had become homeless, had to beg for food and their education was in jeopardy.

She said that all she wanted was for her estranged husband to take care of their children, as she was no longer interested in the marriage and wanted to move on with her life.

Meanwhile, Golda has filed a suit at the Lagos State High Court seeking for the dissolution of the marriage but added that the cost of the litigation was her problem.

11 responses to “Female Lawyer Cries Out After Husband Chased Her With Cutlass”

  1. Miranda k Tyson says:

    in actual fact….most African men need to geow up when it comes to treating women…
    for no rrason should a man raise his hand on any woman talk less of chasing her wit a cutlass…
    All those woman abuse act can only happen in Africa were i come from n its absolutly WRONG…
    if u dnt want ur wife again for any reason then u should discuss it wit her n b ready to pay CHILD SUPPORT on d kids…

  2. […] gone sour!: Female lawyer sues husband for chasing her around with cutlass. Don’t mess with a female […]

  3. Chimaobi Eze says:

    Barr. Golda allegation is totally untrue, I know the couple from University days till date,if you need the truth my mail address below and if you need to know further Barr. Paul Osigwe is very much accessible.

  4. But the court record showed that Paul was jailed so he did it

    • Blessing says:

      in Nigeria, you can be jailed for doing nothing. Corruption is everywhere.

    • ikechukwu says:

      GOD will punish Golda the demonic pretentious evil so to say woman.Imagine !!!! .Please nobody should in any way believe her.Barrister Paul Osuigwe never did all that she claimed.Am a friend to Both Parties.Barrister paul built school for her,gave her all she wanted but still she was misbehaving around.

  5. Josh says:

    Lies lies lies from the pit of hell. Golda, did you tell them how you bring different men to the house even in the presence of your children? Every man in ajah knows about wakabout just because you cannot control yourself. Have you told them how you sent different assassins to kill your husband? You resorted to this because your evil plans failed. Have you told them how he built a one storey building for you to run a school and you could not manage it? Check her Facebook name Gee Oguno, she is still the proprietor of the school. You are begging money for a dissolution of your marriage when it is already dissolved. She is divorced on Facebook. She is desperate and can lie even on little things to seek attention. Don’t give her money, the marriage is already dissolved.How can a woman that have four children with a man do this? DESPERATION. You said you made Paul, how Golda? Paul suffered emotional, mental and physical abuse from you. In Nigeria, it is domestic violence against women that is broadcasted. But in reality, many men are in dire need of rescue. You turned the children against their father. Gee Oguno, you will surely reap what you sow. A woman is to be a helper, you are a devourer, a setback and a mistake to our entire family.

  6. Kekee says:

    Lies from the pit of hell… She didn’t include how she keep late night,coming back by 2pm, bring different men to house, sleeping around. The children she is talking have graduated from secondary school and is Paul that bears the cost. The school is still runs by her as I am talking. The name of the school is rapid academy nursery and primary at IYalagbo, Awoyaya. Pls this woman is a wolf in sheep clothing. Oh chasing her with cutlass is a cook up lie with her magistrate to prison an innocent man Paul without investigation. Claiming barrister when she has not pass her law school. Pls don’t judge without hearing from Paul bcoz all that glitters is not gold

  7. Wale says:

    A wicked lie from heart of desperation. An enemy within that is what she is. A woman who makes her environment a breed of wild animals. You claims that you shoulder the family alone with WHAT? When you have been sacked from work since 2002 bcoz of fake certificate. Barr paul carried the whole family burden including your sick father. He died, you buried him without informing him, the so .called husband you claims and their family (WICKED OGUNO FAMILY) now you open your decayed teeth and smelling mouth to accuse him wrongly. A 43yrs old fool who pants down to all the men in Awoyaya, Ibeju-lekki, eti-osa and it’s environs. All the hotel in Ibeju-lekki knows you. SHAMELESS WOMAN. A school was built to make you useful but what did he get in return a bloody lie after squandering his money with your baby boyfriends. A woman who sleeps with her male staffs, security men. Kai!!! You are a disgrace to womanhood. Pls do not believe her story, it is untrue. Marriage is not by force,leave him alone to count his resources that you wasted. EZE URE, brainless Fool, illiterate graduate without certificate, dilalah.

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