Julz Hair CEO, Juliet Okonkwo Reveals How She Made Fortune From Hair Business During COVID-19 Lockdown

Posted on September 25, 2020
Founder of Julz Hair, Juliet Okonkwo

Founder of Julz Hair, Juliet Okonkwo, has said that she made so much money than she has ever made in her life from selling raw human hairs during the coronavirus pandemic lockdown.

Speaking in an interview in Lagos, the Edo State-born entrepreneur, who graduated from the University of Benin, and worked in an insurance firm before quitting after getting married to a loving Igbo man from Anambra state, said she derives passion from making and selling human hairs.

According to her, she started the human hairs business about four years ago from home, without taking it seriously but as a passion, the alluring founder of Julz Hairs, said her primary motive at the onset, was to let people around her have the beautiful and 100 percent human hairs without tangible profit

Impressed and dazzled by the quality of the raw human hairs that she sells, the number of clients patronizing her shot up to roof top, forcing her to turn it into a full-fledged business

Mrs Juliet Okonkwo said: ‘’When I saw the way people kept coming to me, I decided to turn it into a business. It was challenging in the beginning, but it was a passion for me as I love beautiful hairs. I love making wigs and beautiful hairs, which made my son to call me the Queen of Fancy.

‘’I asked him what he meant by Queen of Fancy and he said, ‘’Mummy because you love beautiful things’’.

On how her passion for all things hair started, the thriving entrepreneur said: ‘’Before I left Uniben in 2002, I used to love to fix my hairs and others. I used to go to Cotonou to get hair extensions popularly called (Amina attachments) which was in vogue then. I will buy a lot and I returned to school to sell without my parents knowing I did all that.

‘’it was just a passion. Even my friends used to seek my inputs on how their hairs looked when they came back from the beauty salon to fix their hairs.

‘’When I got married I thought of doing something but my husband wanted me to stay at home. I later told

. I was working in an insurance company before I got married and I started this hair business in 2016 when I traveled for summer,” added Mrs Okonkwo, whose Facebook page is @Julzhair.

She said that attending a beauty school during her summer trip abroad, equipped her for the challenges and demands of the hair business.

‘’ I went to a beauty school to learn more about hairs. When they started this human hairs stuff, I had to incorporate wigs into my business, so I had to learn more about it. It was not something that happened by accident or luck. Even with my passion, I had to learn more about the business.”

Speaking on how she made her biggest fortune so far in the first two months of coronavirus pandemic lockdown this year, the straight-talking Julz Hairs CEO, with Instagram handle, @julzhair, said ‘’people are impressed with our products and they keep coming back, with more referrals to other clients. We keep having orders from USA, Canada and all over the country. They know that our product is 100p percent raw human hairs and our quality is top-notch.

‘’Raw human hairs are expensive, In fact, some are very expensive. During this lockdown I made my biggest sales ever when we were home just as I usually make during the festive season, and there was no movement I had to ask my husband where do these women wear these hairs to. I asked one of my customers why are you buying these things and she said, she wanted to wear it for her husband to admire her the more’’, added Mrs Juliet Okonkwo

With a growing clients list, she said plans are afloat to expand the business line in order to meet the challenges of the future and satisfy the tasty appetite of her clients, some who usually pay N300, 000 for a luxury 100 percent raw human hairs sourced from Vietnam, Argentina and Cambodia.

‘’We have started our expansion plan, with the launch of our wholesale package. People kept coming to me, saying they wanted to resell and for me to do the wholesale I had to now partner with a reputable company abroad so that I can actually get them at a very good rate.’’, added Mrs Juliet Okonkwo.

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