Uzodimma’s Governor Of The Year Award Rattles Imo PDP

Posted on May 13, 2022


On Sunday, May 8, our organisation, the Global Association of Concerned Imo Youths (GACIY), joined millions of Imo people celebrating the Best Governor of the Year 2021 Award conferred on the Governor by The Sun Newspapers on Saturday, May 7. 
“Knowing the Sun Newspapers, and its distinct editorial rigour, we have no doubt that the award was scrupulously merited.”

“We are happy that the world has found Imo’s treasure, Imo’s Hope, the man responsible for the reconstruction, rehabilitation and recovery of Imo through hundreds of life-transforming, people-first projects and policies”, said GACIY. 

For obvious political reasons, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Imo State does not like the Best Governor Award meritoriously conferred on Governor Hope Uzodimma. This attitude of the PDP depicts the main opposition party as the bad wife that cannot be pleased no matter what her husband does. The party is paranoid. The story in 1 kings 3:16-28 succinctly depicts the paranoia of the PDP. The story is about two mothers living in the same house. Each of them is mother of an infant son. They came to King Solomon to help them settle a complex matter. One of the babies had been smothered, and each claimed the remaining boy as her own. No pleas assuaged the mothers. So calling for a sword, King Solomon declared his judgment: the baby would be cut in two, each woman to receive half. The mother who knew the child was not hers preferred the child to be cut in two halves if she could not have him to herself alive. Like the wicked mother, the PDP wants Imo State in ruins if they cannot superintend over her affairs.

Imo PDP has never hidden its true colours. The party is a saddist, monstrous organisation. Whenever Imo people rejoice, the PDP mourns and drums it into the ears why Imo people should rather wear sack clothes and mourn forever. When Imo people weep, especially following the activities of criminals, the PDP rolls out drums. It is therefore not surprising that the party is receiving in droves those accused of causing mayhem in Imo. What the PDP is doing is grotesque, alien. This is not the party we knew and once belonged to. 

The other day the party was quarrelling with security agencies and the Governor for taking legitimate actions against criminals terrorizing the State and to return peace to the State. Few days ago, when the news of the seeming loss of 17 oil wells to Rivers State broke, the PDP commissioned fifth communists to haul invective on Nigeria’s Governor of the Year. But we saw through their pretences.

It is clear to the discerning that the PDP has lost it. We thought the party was about to internalise the truism that it is a political party, and opposition party for that matter! The PDP is not a media organisation. The constitutionally assigned roles of the Media are different from those of the PDP whose sole aim is to acquire power, deploying all kinds of subterfuge, including deploying deception and falsehood as tools. This means that in matters of speaking for the people, the PDP is not an agent, not the voice, because whatever the PDP says would be tainted with politics with the aim of ousting the incumbent and taking over power.

Opposition political parties do not speak for the masses. Even when they say they hold government accountable, it is mere pretension because all what they do is to advance their interests, oust the incumbent government and take over. That is what matters to political parties. This being the case, the PDP as an opposition party, cannot assume the role of being the voice of the people. That role is left for the Media – the Forth Estate of the Realm, the voice of the voiceless. Therefore, when the Media which is the watchdog of the society comes out with a verdict on someone after a thorough investigation or assessment of the said person, we cannot throw away its verdict in preference to the verdict of a partisan entity like the PDP. 

The PDP should know that Best Governor award is not an to end in itself. It is validation of the performance of the Governor and call to do more. The award does not mean that all the problems in Imo State have disappeared. What the award means is that Governor Hope Uzodimma has done well and is being encouraged to do more. Those who bag First Class in universities do not do so because they got all their answers correct. They didn’t get it 100% but they have done so well to earn First Class. That is the case for Governor Uzodimma’s Best Governor award. He has done so well to deserve the Best Governor Award.

Even the PDP agrees that the Governor’s signature road projects: Owerri-Okigwe and Owerri-Orlu road – which they refused to touch while in office – are impactful projects that on their own could earn the Governor any award. The 14km Ngor-Okpala/Etche/Imerienwe Road which has been in bad condition since the creation of man has  been award, alongside the Avu-Adapalm Road. Soon the Egbu-Umuahia will be awarded. The Balloon Technology for flood control remains an eloquent testimony to how technology could be deployed to solve man’s problems. Flooding is fast becoming a thing of the past in Imo.

In Imo State today, we can ply through Douglas/Naze dual carriage way with so much ease. Members of the PDP ply this road but forget that it was constructed by Governor Hope Uzodimma. They ply Naze-Nekede-Ihiagwa-Obinze Road but don’t remember that it was constructed by the Governor. Port Harcourt Road to Hospital Junction is no longer a nightmare. The Federal Secretariat Road now called Muhammadu Buhari Road and World Bank Road now wear new looks. Umuguma Road is ongoing and Yar’Adua Drive is wearing a new look. 

The Owerri-Okigwe and Owerri-Orlu roads are wearing new looks. They are now called flagship roads. These were road the PDP in 2019 said on radio that they would not touch because they were Federal Government roads.Relief Market, Dick-Tiger, Ihechiuwa Road, Chukwuma Nwaoha Road, the ongoing MCC-Uratta Road, the ongoing 135km roads across the 27 local governments, the ongoing reconstruction of 305 healthcare centres, the soon-to-begin construction of 305 schools – the list goes on. 

The PDP always plays politics with insecurity in Imo. Though an unfortunate turn of events in the State, there is no doubt that insecurity in Imo is orchestrated by disgruntled political actors. But we have seen the wonderful pushback the Governor has done. The criminals attempted to over-run Owerri, shutting down schools and businesses – including banks. Today, Owerri is freed from the grips of the criminals who now hide in some remote communities to perpetrate crimes. Government is not watching them. Government is doing a wonderful pushback to reclaim the communities and dislodge the criminals. But disgruntled politicians, those who threatened to make Imo State ungovernable, are rather lending support to the criminals. 

The Sun newspapers, a  credible Media Organisation, knows better than the partisan PDP. In giving the Best Governor award to Distinguished Senator Hope Uzodimma, the Media House must have done their work well and came out with the verdict of Best Governor. We accept the verdict of The Sun Newspapers and thank them for their painstaking assessment of the Governor and issues in the State. 

We understand why the PDP is rattled over the Best Governor Award. They are paranoid, a bad wife, bad workman that quarrels with his tools.

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